War Drums Intensify As Financial Collapse Kicks Off.

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Now that the Bank of England is using QE to ease pressure on the debt market, we can see what other Central Banks will do in the future to stop the spread of the debt implosion around the world. We can learn a lot about how the UK debt crisis foreshadows the fate of the world by this week’s past pivot and how the world was possibly days away from a systemic unraveling of the global economy.

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  1. We would have seen a crash that is needed to reset. Now, the issue is kicked down the road and when it breaks then it will be even worse. This is getting ridiculous. When it breaks, people will be hoping for a depression because it going to be horrific

  2. It’s bizarre you support being a snowflake! If you want to eat bugs then go for it, if I were you though be careful because maybe the aliens will eat you haha. You should hear yourself, geez!

  3. The destruction of the pipeline means Europe must go to war. Russia must be destroyed and BRICS must be stopped. The psychopaths have no problem making billions suffer so they can reach their authoritarian goals.

  4. What are the Buskers going to do if they introduce C B D C . Seen a Guy he lost his job " Nuclear Physicist " or something in Greece and he was feeding his Family by playing Guitar on the Street . C B D C will put a stop to that . Total Control .

  5. Britannias or Philharmonics in Germany between 28 and 32 Euro after Tax change on Friday Evening…Spot at 19,30€ or close to that.
    I guess the GOVT fears the fleeing of the people into sound money.

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