War in Ukraine? NATO expansion drives conflict with Russia

Pushback with Aaron Maté

Russia is seeking a legally binding pledge that NATO will stop expanding east, including to Ukraine. If the US refuses, is war next? Scholar and author Richard Sakwa analyzes the growing Russia-Ukraine conflict and how Russiagate fueled it.

Guest: Richard Sakwa. Professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent. His books include “Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands” and his latest, “Deception: Russiagate and the New Cold War.”

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  1. Please advise me when the book 📕 is available for no Russia, or togetherness with China, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Latin, Afghanistan 🇦🇫, Ethiopia 🇪🇹, Sudan, including for independence famine and arm’s selling? Please 🙏🏻😸. What’s next time when and where are playing on?
    What’s the name of the earth 🌍, does it mean the American and Europe’s planet?
    Why’d we have to accept the insanity of the democratic leadership’s 😧?

  2. How’s about the USA Today made wars with Russia there’s, why don’t in halfway to make your warriors win at your intruder, how’s 🐄 hunting and losing the Russia people but not the USA? No reasoning for your mafia order organization, just for making yourself great down , and no trusting not true without honesty or human sense.

  3. 🙏🏻😸, could you please give the advice about how to make the USA 🇺🇸 union for understanding with Warriors escalating in human language? Since it’s the Russia President made the Minsk agreement for support the United National mission for stopping wars for the people in peaceful living, they quit the Agreement without any respect for international security laws?
    How’s to destroying others borders on losing their head and sovereignty over the Russia earth! And they’re forgetting to explain themselves why😧? How’s the stability for Warriors 🤔, please.

  4. It’s strange for me when the Ukraine leadership and alliance will take the Donbas back by the weapons deployment at the Donbas😳? What’s happening with the people living on their house 🏡 and the leadership leaded their family to Warriors not security😸. Will they coming back?
    How’s democratic aggression attitude towards the people taxpayers 🤔🇺🇦🇺🇸? They give you your salary, but it’s the government organization wanting to buyer your family.

  5. How’s doubting how’s the Democratic National family born to destroying humanity🌍😧, what’s happening with the devil coverage your mercy? How’s crazy craft designed for the world family living, and never ending with conflict disturbing behavior by the Democratic family beings ☝️. How’s pest penetrated in your ❤️, thence claim yourself in Christian🙊. How’s God’s blessing your behavior!

  6. How’s the Russia President saying not wanting to do wars with Ukraine, which has been the USSR mothers living. How’s the USA 🇺🇸 phobia expecting your attitude towards him with your self no honesty to destroying him. How’s democratic hands 🙌🏻 doing for challenge yourself form outrage against humanity overseas? Please don’t think instead of another’s. It’s your descriptive statement for the Russia President. How’s shaking for Russia games, Navichok, Navani, Syria 🇸🇾 mount to pick your quarrel with no exception now.
    Instead of support the United family mission since the USA is one of the established the Peace institution for peace and international laws for world 🌎 . But you yourself made your money for Warriors and arm’s sellers not for defense yourself sovereignty. How’s to take conflict for solving problems. Please go ahead home please , since the civilians are not security support by you. Please support the United National mission for no one leaves behind🙏🏻🇺🇸. How’s to asking you to understand we are the civilians and not wanting War’s. Please don’t make any propaganda for coverage your troops invading by NATO, don’t you wanting the warning from the Russia to defend you or the civilians? How’s your vision about life living together , not Warriors but Laws.

  7. My mother and her family are from the Donbass. This war has split families and has damaged the societal and community fabric of Eastern Ukraine. The region is inherently connected with Russia. 2 of my Great Grandparents were born in Ukraine and two were born in Russia. Donbass is a cultural melting pot of people who have lived on both sides of the border. The local dialect is not necessarily Ukrainian or Russian but a mix of both. The people of the Donbass should have Self Determination and the ability to visit and communicate with family on both sides.

  8. Probably the most sobering and informative geopolitical talk on the web in recent years. Award winning interview if ever there was one. Thanks again Aaron and GZ.

  9. When the empire is struggling to have the same level of control over countries like Russia, and China, and can not stop their ascent, it will use all its dirty tricks, disinformation and show the deep fear it harbours because it is loosing control as gradual, and slow as it is.

  10. Whoo wee. There's a lot to digest here, but I do like getting reasoned views, opinions and history from a perspective other than the Western orthodox perspective. Specifically the US and the Democratic party and their official news outlets.
    Once again Aaron delivers.

    This is not to suggest the the Republican party and their official news outlets are on a higher moral, unbiased plain.

    They both suck.

  11. The US approach to Russia was outlined in the Wolfowitz doctrine in the early 90s. Everything since then is consistent with Russia being treated as a geo strategic threat. Isolate Russia and stop it having good relations with Germany.

  12. Its is heartbreaking sanctions hurt people not oligarchs. Nato is obsolete end it. Remove sanctions & let Russia & Cuba in. China is true enemy. Military Complex uses Nato to front wars & sells weapons. It's a racket.

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