WAR IN UKRAINE: Putin Mounts FULL SCALE INVASION | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar bring up to date news coverage of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that began last night and they discuss how it will change the geopolitical order for years to come

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  1. If you thought Putin was going to leave all that Lithium for Biden, put your helmet back on. Same as always, the rich are trying to jockey for control by using the people to maintain their bank account by selling us, the bs, they have us fighting for

  2. So we enforce sanctions against Russia for an illegal invasion, but didn't the west illegally invade Iraq, Syria,and Libya. killing civilians, and toppling government's along the way?
    No hypocrisy there then.

  3. So which Ukrainians should we stand with. The Ukrainian Army has been slaughtering women and children in the Donbas region for 8 years. The Ukrainian government has had 8 years to implement the Minsk agreement and have failed. 10,000 people have been killed in the Donbas region dy the Ukrainian Army.

  4. It's scary how the right is defending Russia. Tucker tripling down on it. He was wrong saying Russia was never going to invade. Now that they did he is saying we have to accept it and do nothing cuz fuck those nazi Ukrainians. He literally said soviet union fought nazis and ukrain joined them as if that has anything to do with 2022 r

  5. These two said Exactly what I was thinking, Russia starting war in Ukraine makes Zero sense. And from what we Know about Putin is that He loves his country and Isn't Stupid.
    – This seems like the Same Lies and Media Propaganda that led to Iraq and Afghanistan. And who's leading the charge? CNN…

  6. Krystal and Saagar finally coming to Jesus in realizing Putin was serious and this wasn’t just about NATO. At least they acknowledged they were wrong.

    For my olive branch I don’t want war. But if not enough soldiers and steel are prepared to fight, countries that don’t work by our logic will invade.

  7. How could anyone get this "wrong". It's easy enough to just report what the US government is saying and say well we haven't seen the underlying intel so we can't attest to the veracity of these claims but here's what they think Russia is doing. Then once Russia did pull the trigger say well it looks like they were right.

  8. There are no Russian troops beyond the republics. The only thing that happened in Ukraine are the air strikes and artillery strikes. Just like Ukraine's been doing to the Don bass over the last two weeks. SF Russian battalions are in the republics only. You guys have been sunken so low to sensationalize this for your own gain.

  9. Yea.. I remember all those Russian separatists in Afghanistan too. It's a real comparable situation. Have you guys considered, I don't know, just getting someone from Russia on the phone and asking them questions? You know.. like a journalist that wants to do more than repeat deep state talking points would do?

  10. I think Putin is just trying to destabilize the world economy and send us into a global depression so a world war will become inevitable. Don't ask me why. Rich people are all morons.

  11. Boo !!! hiss!! Breaking point should be ashamed of it poor reporting. Loved the fake CNN clip you used without shame. Be more real with your audience. This was looking ke watching MSNBC.

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