WAR! Russia Invades Ukraine – Now What?

Joe Biden’s Approval & Performance Rating Plummets To New Lows

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


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  1. Jamarl; bless you
    I quit following turn events around January of 2020, after realizing that by following The Daily Show as a youngster and having my ear to the ground long enough to see the political pendulum swing from Bill Clinton era neoliberalism; to the death of the culture which happened after September of 2001, the all media that existed prior to September 2001 being all anybody finds comfort in nostalgia-
    To the hope and disappointment of Barack Obama. To the hope and disappointment of trump.
    Most importantly I watched people who I live around in Mississippi go from being New World Order, World Police, Reagan Era, spread Christianity and democracy to all these countries that we don't like, I watch them all go from that to whatever type of isolationist race fascists they have become today
    And upon the covid stuff starting and some actual issues happening within my actual life that actually is my day today, I realized that current events was escapism for me, and you can convince yourself that following current events is the opposite of escapism because you're trying to live within the reality. But with the nature of narrative and propaganda, and just the basic sheep and nature of humanity in Mass, I decided I would more so start looking back to the past since I realized that this thing just keeps looping back around in a circle
    So for the past two years I've been fully entrenched in history, and basically I look at nothing happening in the world the same anymore
    Once you get that historical perspective, the current event explain themselves
    As much of a difference as we can possibly make in the world oh, it's just one major event away from all flipping on its head and being undone

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