War Veteran Speaks – Melbourne Protest

20 November 2021

John, an ANZAC veteran, gave a speech to hundreds of thousands of protesters in Melbourne.


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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Real people, real faces, real hope! Lights are going out on mainland Europe right now, as the continent re-enacts the run up to World War 2. Germany and Austria are leading the way, with unrest further East too. We need to pay attention to the signs or be swept away with this madness…

  2. I'd like to see mainstream propaganda outlets in Australia call John a "far right extremist thug"… then watch their ratings plummet back into the depths of hell. C'mon gnat and goshie, rip this hero to bits, then try and keep your "credibility". I dare you!

  3. Sorry folks, but he's not a "War Veteran" , although the two Medals he wears do indicate he served in the ADF. the other Medals he wears on the left (his right side) are those of relatives who obviously did serve in either WW1 or WW2. Please take trouble to report accurately.

  4. What the hell is wrong with you three thumbs down??? That man standing there, actually fought AND RISKED HIS LIFE FOR YOU U N W O R T H Y G H O U L S…so you could have the FREEDOM to be pig ignorant. As Regretta Thundablahblah says, “How dare YOU!?!”

  5. This guy isn't a war veteran. The medals he has on his left aren't from any wars.
    The ones on his right side aren't from him.

    I support this guys opinion, but I hate stolen valour, deliberate or not.

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