WAR!! WALL STREET vs. MAIN STREET! | Louder with Crowder

WE’RE BACK! Voters are waking up to the truth about Joe Biden. Steven has a list of “Republicans” who are dead to him. Plus, that lawsuit we were talking about…


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Written by StevenCrowder


  1. 1:50:57 they missed the point of the question. What she's talking about is having a sanctuary state similar to the left's "Sanctuary cities" that refused to follow federal immigration laws. The question is should we make a sanctuary state that is exempt from radical federal laws like gun bans, "climate change" laws, or post birth abortions?

  2. Biden is the Leader of the old corporation, D.C is a foreign country and the Capital is fenced in for a reason. We are under Martial Law and trump will be sworn in, in March

  3. I wish you'd leave chat on during live videos to just let things carry on as is in an enthusiastic display of support for the first amendment. Nevertheless I'm a loyal viewer.

  4. Republicans never do anything, i dont know why this is a surprise to you. Even your buddy Ted Cruz talks a big game but takes no action. They are all bought and paid for by google and facebook. Thats why we want a 3rd party.

  5. I've been trying to follow all these events and it is the most ridiculous string of events in my life time at least. Awesome video will continue watching for all the updates… (From Africa, good luck to you all)

  6. Interesting, how Biden can afford to be so active reversing Trump's regulations regarding border-control, walls, environment and other 'pressing' things while thousands Americans are dying daily or loosing their jobs despite of having the solid conditions left behind from Trump, who did quite well in keeping the economy going during covid and paving the way for getting a vaccine for covid earliest possible for Americans.