Warmongers CONFRONTED By Journalist At National Press Club Event

During a recent symposium at the National Press Club about the prosecution of Julian Assange, The Grayzone reporter Max Blumenthal asked DC attorney and Assange critic Mark Zaid whether prosecutors should really be depending on testimony from an admitted pedophile and liar like Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson, who has since recanted his allegations, to convict Assange.

Jimmy plays a video of the interaction and then he and Max discuss the weaselly way Zaid attempts to dodge the question and suggests that Assange will get a fair trial in the U.S.

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  1. "We like to use pedoph!les for our operations because they're cheap.
    Throw in some kiddy p0rn, give them immunity and they'll do anything we want them to.

    In short, we couldn't find a non pedoph!le to do our dirty work."

  2. The scariest thing is that people actually believe anything that these schizophrenics childmolester enablers say. Product of generations of relentless propaganda and dehumanization

  3. They lied about the war on drugs. They lied about Waco. They lied about 911. They lied about WMD’s. They lied about Iraq. They lied about Syria. They’re just liars and it’s time regardless of your party favor to public ally acknowledge it.

  4. Thank you Max! The usual clown show. This was not a loaded question. Another major story loaded w/facts that will be ignored. This case will never resemble "justice." Regardless of the outcome, Julian Assange will be remembered as one of this centuries greatest journalists.

  5. Every time US drone slaughter is mentioned, I mention the movie I still cant believe the govt let be released, "GOOD KILL", very, very, telling about US drone "double taps" being ordered so commonly, the remote Airforce pilots started to disobey orders to slaughter civilians.

  6. I believe thar the guv's preffered outcome is that Assange, who is in very bad health, dies pretty qick so they don't sufer more embarrasment by convicting him in an obvious kangaroo trial.

  7. That guy is a typically sociopathic lawyer. He says it doesn't matter how evil the people are he represents, because ultimately someone else decides, so his attempt to help the evil doesn't count.

  8. His response begs the question, if no one else has asked, what was the point of his tweet? Why brag, inform or simply think about tweeting this non statement if he plays it down in response essentially saying it means nothing. Why say anything?

  9. i feel all kinds of anger over this. a lawyer sets up a service to hide government wrongdoing by turning in his clients to the people doing the wrong things and then being sent to a court that always convicts people who oppose government… this is beyond disturbing. government has become the enemy.

  10. Remember the outrage by US and like when Salman Rushdie got hate and threatened. The outrage when a danish published the book S R wrote. Now US tries to bully a publisher named J Assange to death. What a hypocritical leaders this nation have!!

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