Warner Bros IS OVER! New Moves EXPOSE the fact that they’re DONE!

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  1. Well they seem to be giveing actor's a second chance when other's aren't! Covid-19 has hurt alot of Hollywood! The entertainment industry has alot of people on board alot going out not alot comeing in! These movies may not even hit theater's! Time to tighten our belt's and go in with cheaper structureing! And trying to keep going with smaller profits! ?????? A way to hang on with such extensive loss's right now! ??????

  2. NBC the parent company and all its off shoots has steadily declined in the past however many years since their big restructuring and letting go of its president Steve Capus and filling his position with ladies they thought would bring a fresh new insight to the company and well, just No! That didn't work out well for them at all.

  3. So NBC Universal has bought up UK TV company Sky who also have TV companies in Europe. Streamlining is because they paid a lot of money for the company.

  4. Can someone please locate cause of death for Paige Heard (AH's mom)? This is very, very strange that AH did not mention COD in any statement and her untimely death came right around the same time the press released her and Johnny Depp's text messages…….

  5. They aren't done. Johnny is still filming Fantastic Beasts 3 and i think it's very childish to want an entite company to pay causing to innocent people to lose their jobs

  6. You don’t know this, but executives and others leave to go from one company to another, because they get offers, and for various other reasons all the time in Hollywood.
    It doesn’t mean that the company is going under.
    If you were actually in the business and read trade magazines, you would know that companies make these announcements and send press releases about them every day.
    Your claim that these companies believe they are “too big to fail,” is just not reality.
    A lot of your claims in this video are largely based on your own bitterness and your biases.
    You may feel good venting against NBC and other corporations, but bitterness and personal biases are not accurate readings.

  7. If anyone is shifting to Netflix better rethink that move as they are going down the toilet with massive cancelations due to the show Cuties purely kiddy porn and the signing of the Harry and Megan ?

  8. Looked up streamer Peacock and found it is an American "over-the-top subscription" owned by NBCUniversal who is a subsidiary of Comcast. I do not know anything about any of this as I am not in America but I hope that helps you understand a little better.

  9. Peacock is nbc streaming channel it has a lot of good things on it . Includes some bravo and. I believe id network movies I believe some syfy and some made only for only for peacock shows. They have original Law and Order.

  10. It might help if they get rid of amber jonnys fans are not gonna see the movie other movie goers who keep up to date with VAs most won’t go see the movie really the only fans you got are blind movie goers and AH fans and a few die hard aqua man fans I’m no expert but if I had to guess your losing more money