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  1. AT&T have realised Warner are a financial black hole. If they don’t separate themselves from the debt liability the whole company will go bust very quickly. They have to go in with Discovery to spread the debt. Its about survival, not profit. Warner will implode within 18 months as they’re unsustainable. Beginning of 2023 there will be no warner to speak of.

  2. Totally missed you oh well you know they'll blame the beer bug for showing us how pathetic Hollywood is Ellen and so many more just like her I'd rather watch you tube and make my own channel.

  3. There's a price to pay when you keep listening to these critics, wokens or sjws whoever making these decisions aught to shove the head high up their @ss maybe then they would understand why you don't push bs down your customers throats and expect them to ok with it.

  4. AT&T should have stuck to phones is the huge lesson in FAILURE. They should have done better due diligence in research and these company heads.
    WB more Dismal than Dismal Disney ?.

  5. Oh dear, I was telling my friend about this merge right now, and at the same time this very information got broadcasted on one of the Discovery group channels that I watch… you're better than info channels on the cable TV, Tug! Thanks for being so awesome!

  6. They Better take Johnny Depp back, He Will as allways bring Many money to the company,, I found and bought 2 movies with JB Did not even know hevwas the Main star in… The Beast Will for the first time bring in some money, Many did not know Johnny Depp was the Beast, I had skipper the 2 first ones in a Long time, there was not much type about IT, I did not know much about it, A new Pirates with Johnny Depp would be Epic…as the other ones I would go to the cinema to watch it, go back to the Marvel Universet se know, I would like to see a new X-men, a new Venom, new Epic movies with the best og Hollywoods actors, a continued "the Usual suspects" stupid Hollywood…. Its a mess, very stupid movie Companies, MeToo and the Rainbow flag, unisex people, listen to morons on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and a moral and Eric I puke to hear about….. Entertain me… Stupid morons…

  7. Warner bros is fecked as another actor from fantastic beast kevin guthrie is jailed for 3 year because he sexuly asulted a drugged actress

  8. not that you are gonna see this, but thanks for not giving up that umbrella guy, and thanks for coming back. you are the only reason, and i mean the only reason that i got invested in amber to begin with. i might kinda support amber, hey i mean rooting for the hero is kinda boring and cliché ya know you gotta support your local whamen (new slang for women i suppose) when they are given leading roles and work against the male. it's the woke agenda these days it seems. Amber heard might just be the best supposed villainess , she should be given an oscar for her role, what marvelous acting. this is better acting than angelina jolie. i mean who would have thought. despite support all whamen and how amber is the embodiment of wokeness, thanks a lot for your constant coverage. i really do not hate you, in anyway or form. yeah i know people who root for the supposed bad guy get disappointed half the time, but this is worth it. i hope this story has a surprising ending, i heard the film director and the writers that wrote the amber vs JD script , and the whole acl drama got top billing. they are going to move onto a sequal, it's just rumors now but the male lead will be a person of color and amber will get some screen time.

  9. You made my day. I love seeing WB crash and burn. After the way they treated the man who made the Fanastic Beasts films even though he was really only in one, did nothing to the b!tch who abused her former husband and trying to compete too quickly against Marvel with poorly done DC movies, they deserve to go down. They also bit the hand that feeds them in two ways. One, they made that deal with releasing new films on HBO+ instead of first in traditional theaters. So they bit the film makers and the movie theaters. Then they bit the consumer. They had not built up the HBO+ platform enough and not everyone can afford the service. And some people prefer to see a new movie in a theater so they get the entire experience of picture and sound. I cannot tell you how awesome it was a couple years ago getting to take my then seven year old to see the original Wizard of Oz in an old theatre with balcony seating. I do feel sorry for the little people who will be hurt and wish for them nothing but the best.

  10. I hope EVERYONE at Warner (from the Board of Directors to the coffee girls) are tossed out into the streets and have to get actual jobs. I have zero sympathy for any of these idiots. They did this to themselves

  11. Welcome back!! So great to hear you again!! I think we are definitely living in interesting times.. The powers are changing and to prove just how powerfu and in control they are, they took down the one time great movie houses and then took down the most loved and greatest Hollywood actor of all times! That dream so many people had of 'one day I'm going to be a great Hollywood actor' is not such a fantastic looking dream anymore!!!