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  1. This goes to help explain why a lot of SJWs have been freaking out on twitter. After that Cherry the Third, a known activist and Jim Lee's Hollywood Reporter interview was released, and it was a case of "everything is fine". Warner will be "merging" with Discovery soon, and that will, as all mergers, lead to more lay offs and no one knows what will happen to the publishing arm. All this with DC looking to go pair up with webcomics, and writers getting substack deals. Comics are in a moment of flux, and DC more than Marvel, look like they are the preverbal drowning man and about to drag others down. No matter what the "Comics are booming" Community are saying, The Penny Counters are looking at the value of those Ista-Phobes money they generated from their campaigns. Looking at Manga dominating sales, it's not the Batman or Spiderman Industry any more, and most importantly, they are watching the value of their IP dwindle away, even with the movies coming out. Something has to give.

  2. Personally never cared about coming books. Don't get me wrong I still like the characters I just couldn't give a fuck about idiots behind it all…. those stupid rat wanted to go woke and Pander to a bunch of cunt

  3. We like the DC & Marvel characters developed from writers in the 50s-90s. I don’t hate Chris Nolan’s Dark Night
    Why reimagined canon?
    That’s what’s so fun about sci-fi. Good stories should be never ending.
    What happened?
    Was it cigarettes? Everyone quit smoking???‍♀️?
    It has to be the cigarettes!?

  4. Yeah, I'm done with DC/Warner & Marvel/Disney. They no longer want the fans & revenue that built them up (especially after the industry crash in the '90s) so I've moved on. There's plenty of entertainment out there that they don't own/control.

  5. So the former Activision guy is going to Plagiarize others work and trace Anime images and call it "brand new and innovative" or some crap like that, Just like Activision has been caught doing in the past and present. With the revelation of Activision ripping off other peoples independent work and Japanese Anime artwork, people will dig deep into Activision's past and whatever is found will cross reference his time at the video game company.
    In the last few years I remember seeing reports of AAA video game companies ripping off independent artwork and copyright IP art while calling it their property, yes it all got swept under the rug and dismissed. Once A Thief Always A Thief, they will NEVER EVER change because NO ONE holds them accountable or responsible for IP Theft.

  6. The problem with these creators is that they don't understand the importance of the ""FAN" or the "Customer"! Every time I watch you, it makes me think that maybe it is time I start to create comics. I was a huge fan as a kid, but I am also a Graphic Designer, professional illustrator, and writer. One of my childhood dreams was to become a comic creator, and I had forgotten about it in my struggle to constantly drum up the illustration business. Now I am revamping my business and taking on a new direction. By the way, one of my biggest customers is a public relations person who is a master at taking projects to a next level. If you ever want to start getting TV time and such I would recommend her.

  7. Never really understood Batman's appeal. He would create far more good by running his company properly than bankrupting it in 6 months. If you run the Math that's exactly what it is. He would have six months before he bankrupted his company in which a substantial portion of Gotham is employed and would sink Gotham into a even greater economic depression.

  8. Black batman?…uhhhh isn't that Black Panther? Super rich guy with black super suit and high tech gear that fights evil doers. Why not do something crazy, like come up with something original?

  9. A fifth 'R' should be added to the "4 R's of Retail Marketing". The 5th 'R' should be: "Respect your costumers", to
    Re-enforce the 1st R: "Costumer Relations".
    Because 'somehow' the major Comic Book publishing industry, seems to be overlooking the first one, and they need to be reminded, not to forget it.

  10. At first I didn’t like your work. I really enjoy it and appreciate all your efforts. Always remember, they destroy your culture before they subjugate you. Rock on Umbrella Guy.