Warning flags are out. SOFR. Tbills. TIPS. Serious deflationary storm is brewing.

The global financial system was struck by two major storms already this year, once Feb/Mar then again June/July. A third appears to be forming, and not just around Britain. Deep in the heart of the eurodollar, the red flags are out again as the gusts of deflationary money are strengthening. Once you know where to look, and how to look at them, the signs are unmistakable.

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  1. Yes there were no acceptable collaterals. Should not we find out why? You yourself in one of the previous videos have said that there has not been adequate collaterals since 2010/11. How are collaterals created? Through capital formation. Since 2010 there has not been any investment in traditional industries. Yes there were some capital investment in digital indudtries. But digital assets are not good collaterals. Then' why were there no capital investment in traditional industries. Because business houses were not confident. Therefore it is not that banks were not lending. Contrary to that, the business were not interested in borrowing.
    Banks were just not parking their money in Repos. They were also funding the asset transfer activities of the rich. They were funding to help increasing the values of financial assets. In the last 20 years there were atleast 4 cycles of asset transfers from pension funds and managed funds managing Retail investors money.
    I also notice that in the last 3/4 posts you are referring to Indian Rupee and RBI. Kindly stay away from that because you have no clue about Indian Rupee.
    Our opinions are victims of our environment. You appear to be a victim of your environment. Your world seem to end with western countries. In your analysis, which are goodand I respect your sharp intellect, east doesn't seem to exist. There is lot happening here.
    Why am I writing all these? Because after 2 years you all may comment there was an Indian who told us about all these. We only ignored him.
    God bless.

  2. I disagree… the Eurodollar might explain the ridiculous strong rise in the USD, and yes.. I get that the Fed can't do anything about the "Eurodollar".. but the flow on effects locally in the US spells trouble for the US. So surely the FEd is going to have to try step in and stop the USD rising to even more absurd levels (as it pertains to local US economy)? Everyone in the US is so US centric…Nobody has commented that a strong USD must be massively affecting US exports. People forget the US also exports a lot of heavy machinery, engineering like Boeing, Catepillar, GE, hospital diagnostic equipment, John Deer, food, commodities, tech, education and goods and services. Just as examples. This crazy rise in USD in the end will result in lower sales of US products and lost local manufacturing jobs. I live outside the US. I have stopped buying US products on ebay and amazon. I just cancelled a Tesla powerwall install. In the 12 months I have been waiting for the battery, it has risen 60% in cost (priced in my local currency) so I have cancelled it. These are just tiny examples, but the overpriced USD must be now affecting all US exports, not only tech but education, tourism, grain, beef, minerals and on it goes… Goods and services, commodities and engineering and tech that can be readily sourced now from other countries in Asia, Europe, Sth America, Australia and UK… So sure Jeff… you comment all the time how the FEd can't control the Eurodollar, so ok.. but just what is the US going to do about the consequent absurd rise in the value of the USD? Can the fed do anything about that? AS it relates to the rising cost of US exports. Making the US less competitive. They are going to have to try at least… soon… surely? Or the US will go broke.. the balance of trade will plummet even more.. rising imports and falling exports..Everyone says ..oh the FED is going to go all hawkish raising rates to fight inflation..but that is so US consumer centric.. One of the main jobs of reserve banks is to manage the relative weakness or strength of the local currency – Surely the fed will have to try do something about the rising USD? Say take the foot off the peddle a bit of interest rate rises to take the pressure off the USD a bit??..Otherwise ..yes.. ya'll will go broke.. Just MO

  3. global debt megabubble + global energy crisis + inflation + rising interest rates = global financial system meltdown. Fed is powerless to stop it and a temporary crack up boom in the dollar means nothing. Powell will soon find out that oil prices can rise even in a recession and that inflation is here to stay and is not going anywhere. This inflation will set the bond market and thus the debt megabubble on fire. It will end up either in deflationary collapse of the debt bubble, or hyperinflation, or stagflation. Personally, I am betting on precious metals and energy stocks to have the last laugh

  4. It's hard to believe the Fed is aggressively tightening, with the fastest rate hikes in history, while we're staring down the barrel of a wicked recession.

  5. okay so here come the deflationary storms, inflation is transitory . BUT WHY IS THAT BAD????? cause you sure make it sound bad. isn't inflation what is fucking everything up? Are you afraid the fed can't see this, is that what worries you, and the fed will crash the economy when there is no need to? please tie shit together!!!!!!!

  6. I have been buying 4 week treasury bills at auction every week. Their yield is NOT falling. At most their yield stops rising for a bit. Last few APYs: 2.195%

  7. Thanks agian Jeff…..If reverse repo is also collatrised by treasury bonds… it correct to say it is not the 4 week t bill ? Is it a mixture of the other bills ? 👍if correct or punch in the face wrong 👊

  8. The Fed wants to go back to diluting your purchasing power by 20 percent each decade while supporting the act of bringing in migrant scabs to suppress wage negotiation power. Now it looks like not even Swiss currency is a safe now.

    Now that the general public are starting to able to negotiate for higher wages when they haven't stayed in check with inflation for decades you see pundits saying things such as the government needs to starve the public to make them loyal worker bees like how they only feed the dogs at night so they're more obedient.

  9. Stop "blaming the FED" Jeff is correct on that. They are now powerless. Bush, Obama, Trump and now Biden (big time) are your problem. Governments have been lying to ya'll for years. You've been living beyond yr means. Just MO

  10. Peak oil discoveries were known in 1956. Peak oil production, business as usual, was 2006. Too big to fail followed. Civilization is a heat-engine, & organized living usually ends with an inability to maintain complexity.

  11. Higher FED interest rates will make raising money for new oil production even more expensive and less likely to happen The SPR strategic oil reserves have been used by "team" Biden to temporarily artificially lower the price of gasoline for the mid term elections. The SPR has been drawn down to a 40 year low so the oil and gasoline prices will likely spike again after the November election spurring further rate hikes into 2023. We are virtually locked in to a market crash and a nasty recession if not a European and China led depression in 2023.

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