WARNING! Iran’s nuclear move isn’t what you think | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

The United Nations says that Iran has increased its supply of enriched uranium by 30% but Iran says that that is meant for nuclear energy not for nuclear weapons. Is this tough talk on Iran a political move ahead of the U.S. elections? If so, why is Russia exempt from these sanctions? What is really going on here.

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  1. price cap won't work. Russia said will remove all oil from markets and will auction gas 30% below market value, which should be at about 200 a barrel by then. Russia has figured a way to beat the cap. they will sell it to the highest bidder who most likely will just sell it to the west. the same actors as before. the same actors who has been doing it for the past 6 months. hint, china and India. they will probably just ignore the cap since they are making a killing selling it to the west at 30% over purchase price anyway. why take a chance of biding against each other and buying for more than they already are. better to stay with the current arrangement.

  2. Even with massive government subsidies in the billions, plus government backed insurance in case of a meltdown (because no private insurance companies will cover that risk affordably), nuclear energy isn't cost competitive.
    The nuclear energy industry in the US is dying because it can't compete financially.

    If Redacted is going to be a booster for nuclear energy, first you should do a report on the financial angle which the mainstream media refuses to cover accurately.

  3. No, we would not know that Nuclear Fission is the Death sentence of our present day attempt at "Civilization". The most deadly, and irreversible "Science" yet unleashed on the Planet. Radioactive waste is released into the Oceans, Landfills, and Atmosphere. Cancer rates are off the charts, and no one seems to notice the causes. Since the release of Biological Warfare , the Radioactive waste problem will be "small" in comparison.. What a bunch of lies!! The "educated" people on this propaganda show are about as knowledgeable as the idiots who tell them what to say! I guess they believed Jimmy Carter (the peanut farmer) , who is also a "Neucular Enginneer " that cannot pronounce the word. Pitiful.

  4. Maybe Iran should curb their rhetoric concerning Israel and what they're going to do to them if and when they get said bomb. That is the whole reason Israel is not backing off of this. When you threaten a "sea of fire" where Jerusalem now sits, every time your country makes a national broadcast .. you bring all this on yourself. Right?? I'm no lover of Israel but I imagine any country threatened like that would have the same response.

  5. Y'all need to realize that just because the American empire is corrupt, you shouldn't be all up on the shnuts of other corrupt dictators and regimes around the world. They don't become the good guys just because Biden is a dick.

  6. ever notice some people cant find peace in themselves unless they are telling everyone else how to live and behave ? …the problem isn't in the minds of the people they do this against …its in their own mind emanating from a fear based mind set ,,, a simple example is those who are compulsive cleaning disorder where you have to do as them in order for them to feel OK they wish everyone else to do as they do ..this is on an individual basis …the macro basis of a society or collective of society's can behave in the same way such as for example the west with its demands on other nations and how to live …this is far from evolved beings individually or collectively .. im in the west but welcome diversity and different ways of living in other cultures … the west thinks its making the rules based order when it only represents 12 % appx of the planets population ,, we better start electing new types of personality's in the west if we are going to preserve our way of life ..there is too much fear and corruption as a result in the collective mind sets currently in office …

  7. Oh yea, there's that pesky little issue that Islam is permitted to lie to us Ole infidels. They won't let the inspectors in to see. And…they want to wipe Isreal off the face of the Earth
    Now…the Chinese have pretty much "bought" Iran,did you happen to catch that story? I think you guys are missing some context.

  8. Iran and west in general have unending collisions due to Iran's anti amperilism ego and platform. All arguments in world public politics are nonsense.That is clash of civilization.

  9. Yuh see…it's very simple.

    A man that owns a machete should not be dictating that no other man shall own a machete.

    No man that owns a firearm should not dictate that no other man shall have a fire arm.

    A nation that has nuclear weapons should not be dictating to others that they shall not have nuclear weapons.

    Especially when that nation was the only one in history to use that kind of a bomb on another nation and is well known for routinely bombing other nations around the world…

  10. If Iran wants nuclear weapons, then let them have them. They have that right. Every country and individual for that matter, have the right to have whatever they want, as long it doesn't violate other's people's rights.

  11. the point is here that how can you not trust something while you had full control over. 24/7 cameras in the nuke central, but yet violating the agreements by trump administration, because israel claim so. So something where you got total control over and is there, but yet they go with stories.
    this because they fear iranians to surpass them in technology, nothing more. iran have the power to do israel harm if they want, but that's not their interest! yes they stand for Palestinian, and for west is that act of terror.🤔

  12. Well, If Iran is telling the truth about their nuclear power ambitions, they have been for many, many years and all along, the American mainstream news sources and the politicians and their cronies behind them have been singing the same, "Nyahm nyah, lair, liar, pants on fire," song. For anyone older than 30, this should be getting really old by now, especially given the fact that Iraq was entirely destabilized militarily years ago base on a lie, and we all know the protracted mess that lie birthed all over the Middle East. I'm not American. I'm not at all anti-Americansssss, but when it comes to America's publicized opinions on other countries weaponizing things and hiding weapons and all that sh1te, spare us all already, please.

  13. Think there's a couple of points being missed on this.. One the US ended their own energy independence victimizing themselves and Eur..while at same time begging to reach a deal with Iran to give them total energy independence with the same type energy source they cut in the don't hear Washington pushing for Iran to forget nuclear and oil and focus on renewables instead. Which would negate issue of nuke weapons. Nobody is calling out DC and the regime on this..Furthermore, Iran could use their energy program to shield their weapons program by having one ontop of the other like the Russians claimed Ukraine possibly had. Also them having a nuclear energy program would protect them from Israel being able to strike them due to the risk of fallout and allow them to ramp up all other types of insurgency programs they have in other regions..

  14. 50 years later we are still trying to fix the ozone . But , but there is a take back with Ethel gasoline that cause the ozone we stopped using it the hole in the ozone is getting smaller .

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