WARNINGS Al-Qaeda truth in Syria is coming out, U.N. hiding it | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The mainstream media would have you believe that Russia vetoed aid to Syria out of sheer evil nature. We talk about why Russia wants to restructure aid to Syria away from Al-Qaeda with an award-winning journalist who is actually in Syria. It is an eye opening discussion about what the CIA and MI6 continue to do in Syria with journalist Vanessa Beeley. #syria

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  1. the entire 9/11 attack was designed to get US forces to fight the middle east countries in order to have leadership change, we know which two countries were involved, they killed those passengers before the twin tower attacks, brought in other airlines and flew them remotely into the towers. just like the two Indonesian airliners that went missing, they took control of the airliners and flew them out to sea and crashed them, one day they will find those planes on the bottom of the Atlantic. CIA and MOSSAD were involved. they wanted to control the middle east and the twin tower attacks were used to start their war to change 5 leaderships in the middle east, two have failed ASSAD and Turkey. Russia is fighting the New World Order, they are not our enemy….

  2. 9/11 US Israeli duel citizens in US government. Saudis .An extension of that even ? Were the Syrian people living in harmony before, multicultural like?Do certain people infiltrate other governments and cultures going back 100 years or so?Do the Ukrainians not want a diplomatic peace agreement?Do the Russians not want a proxy military solution?Did Mossad learn about Nazi tactics and adopt them ? Who are the other players in this dangerous game? .My own family has German Jewish English Blood and i had a great Russian friend .How can we all go forward and sort out this mess out, not WW3 surely.

  3. I started learning about Syria from Richard Medhurst and now your having Vanessa Beeley on your show has completely corroborated and clarified even further. Thank You 🙏 and may Russia’s integrity totally blow the pants off the US mafia ASAP! Love from Canada 🫶

  4. One of the main stream news reported that children in Syria had to collect scrap metal to buy food to survive which is strange if the food is supplied as humanitarian aid and looks like child labor to finance their war and where does the scrap metal go.

  5. What I’m not surprised. Isrrael using USA,Turkeys and Kurds to feet their pockets of stolen gold, oil and land.
    George Soros working with the European Banks to keep the dollar and Euro printers running.
    Let’s get the gold of Haiti,the Litio from Bolivia, let’s get them all as we get the oil from 🇸🇾 Syria and the Gold from Venezuela.

  6. In the name of Jesus Christ. Forgive us for the chaos the western world created and now Ukraine is used by warmongers ( America, UN, EU) May we living one day together as brothers and sisters and let God be our guide and authority. Because man always fails to do good without God in their lives.

  7. Vanessa Beeley is the most courageous and honest journalist in the world. The USA is the most criminaly corrupt and vicious country in all of history. I look forward to its imminent collapse so that the world can live in peace and we can pursue the saving of this planet. I also look forward to being able to live in a world when we can openly speak the truth. Thank you Vanessa and Julian Assange for your service to humanity.

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