Warrant CONFIRMS Antifa BLM Shooter STALKED Trump Supporter From Behind And Executed Him

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  1. Tim when the war actually starts the first thing that goes down is the infrastructure, the electricity will be gone in a heartbeat and you can forget about the internet, or cell phones, or any form of communications. No power, no clean water, no sewer, no refrigeration, the cities will die in a matter of days.

  2. Tim, owning a gun and knowing how to use it effectively are two different things. We've seen the incompetence of these terrorists, setting themselves on fire and getting beaten to a pulp when they attack someone that can actually fight back. The only real force that the left has is the NFAC, and they're all morons that don't know how to handle weapons. A group of 100 average conservative gun owners could take 1000 of these terrorists.

  3. Too many people don't understand who their real enemy is. For one thing, many don't follow what happens around the world to see that this is the same playbooks used in other countries such as Ukraine in 2014. But Americas are also kept in the dark becasue of the biased MSM but also because we need to have our government united in this fight too and to call out the real enemy and address the American people who we really are fighting against. So many of us know these organizations are not organic and are funded and we are aware of who George Soros is. Others still think/believe a ton of people just woke up one day and walked all the way from Honduras to our southern border and in a matter of 90 days. I'm pretty sure that broke down to 31 miles/day. So we have an IQ problem in this country, combined with entitlement which leads them to think they are entitled to their opinion which in their minds leads them to think no matter what they think is correct because they think it. These people can never be convinced of who the real enemy is.

  4. What I find interesting is the belief that if a full blown shooting civil war breaks out that either side would follow some sort of recognized rules. Antifa an BLM are playing a very dangerous game so far the "right" and middle road have be awefully generous with their patience sooner or later like a rubber snaps back after being stretched going to hurt.

  5. Let's think for a minute, population of city 3 million, numbers of antifa, protesters, and NAFC equals 3 thousand! Okay, that means that if 50 percent of the 2million 997 thousand equals 1million 500 thousand patriots at home cleaning thier weapons to be ready to uphold 2nd amendment to protect America from enemies domestic! Only stupid people could be thinking they can terrorize the patriots without paying the ultimate price of ending thier life! RIGHT!

  6. There is no end for democracy, why? Because patriots will uphold the 2nd amendment rights, start a civil war and hundreds of thousands of you other people will die! No federal laws or state and local laws will apply. Patriots will simply go back home and America will continue! No terror groups can tear down our constitution!

  7. Close yours eyes then repeat what trump supposedly said. Literally see Antifa words comming out of trumps mouth. Very unlikely. Everyone should watch resistance banker because it makes alot of similarities that we are witnessing today just flipped

  8. Its funny cause my old sociology teacher was bitching about racism, presumably white, bitching about not being able to change peoples minds, and I'm thinking to my self… "well I wonder why? Couldn't possibly be all the shit going on in the country, all the people living up to stereotypes. Nah. Not that."

  9. I was on the left Tim now I'm on the right there are people willing to do this on both sides like the guy outside of st. Louis that had 20 buckets five gallon buckets mind you of Tannerite which is explosive Target placed around his yard sitting in the upstairs Attic Window waiting for rioters each one of those 5 gallon buckets hold up to 20 lb of tannerite a 2lb Ziploc bag full of tannerite will launch a 1980 station wagon 26 feet in the air we did it on my cousin's Farm thousand of these rioters/protesters would have died plus the guy and his house would have been taken out if he would have hit merely one of those buckets if they would have showed up but the buckets were less than 20 feet apart they would have chain reacted dropping practically the whole neighborhood and you can buy Tannerite at any sporting goods store most all right-wing Hillbillies know this as for me I have a class A pyrotechnics license I have access to enough flash powder to end any amount them coming at me at any one time they don't know what they're getting into they pushed too many of us to the right and now will have to deal with their own tactics if they keep this up keep targeting innocent people and get targeted I have several ex-military friends that are talking about taking their sniper rifles and lying in wait for these dumb bastards just like an ex-navy seal told me if you pay attention to social media you know exactly where these assholes are going to be and when they're going to be there to me that was pretty ominous coming from him and he's about to that point you are not wrong when you say this may end in Civil War but if it does you are wrong about us polishing our guns and cackling that we're going to win we are going to win but it's going to be by using more extreme tactics then they could ever effing dream of the Unabomber won't have shit on what going to come at them if this keeps up go try to buy some ammo for your guns right now the right-wing militias bought it out in most places they have made themselves to known on social media what they used to organize is what will easily be used to track them all down I'm not as crazy as a lot of my friends are so they'll actually have to come to my house to die but I cannot say that a about people that have watch their brothers die in battle to fight for the rights that these people are trying to take away whether Trump wins or Biden wins everybody that's been talkin to me says the shit will end one way or another after the election they just don't want to interfere with Trump's chances at this point in time these crazy assholes are going to have ex-marines hunting them down like dogs and there damn well trained Hunters most of them have been dealing with insurgence in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 10 years and those guys are hard to find they don't put their shit up on social media and when and where there going to attack and the time they're going to do so try to ID or find the guy that's setting over a mile away ready to shoot you in the back of the head or the face as soon as you like that Molotov cocktail and Watch You Burn when it breaks at your feet just a friendly warning from a concerned citizen

    These two "organizations" are propagandist machines pushing Marxist doctrine's. All slyly cloaked with their shrilled screams of antisemitism, lgbtq phobias and lastly racism.
    Time to examine these anti American pro-Marxism machines of harrassment.
    Their last draw attacking Nick Sandman a innocent teenage boy victimized by America's leftist hate machines.
    Time to examine those who target innocent civilians they don't approve of.
    Who are these destroyers of innocent lives?

  11. Tim, I have recently started to watch some of your podcasts. Generally, I watch podcasts, that are backed with real facts and interview people who are close to the story. When I saw some your headlines show up on YouTube, I thought, where are these crazy stories coming from. How did I miss these prime tidbits, of spellbinding information. Then I watched a few of your podcasts and realized I was missing out. You should be writing stories for fictional publication. You definitely know how to spin something out of nothing. You take a piece of something with a bit of truth and turn it into an elaborate story you concocted. That is what they call conspiracy theory. I am a conservative, and have been all my 60 years of life, but what you are spinning, is outright dangerous. You are creating fear without facts. Who are you trying to impress? The crazy extreme right, that will go out and do something dangerous? Tim, you could put your time to much better use than this. Real conservatives don't do this! Real conservatives are trying to stop this crap and not be suckered by Qanon conspiracies and hate mongering. You are giving real conservatives a bad name. I am ashamed that I watched your podcasts.

  12. I'm pretty sure they will get shot in my neighborhood. I have slept under my truck with my gun before when I was having some gang problems. I used to work in my yard with a gun because they would drive by and point their finger gun at me as a warning. I finally caught the . leader and talked to him and we came to an understanding.

  13. Funny thing about civil war… Are you ready to have to shoot your cousin? Your friends from growing up? Cuz that's what happens. That neighbor you were always friends with, all those buddies, family and friends. You have to fight them over your beliefs.

  14. Economic collapse? Ron Paul has been saying this for decades but y'all wouldn't listen. Buy gold, he said. Libertarians everywhere: we must prep for the Civil War that will eventually happen. Let's prepare for a collapse. Even the right: y'all are crazy!
    Really? Are we?

  15. 1:00 – I wonder what their reaction would be if I gave the Vulcan Salute in compliance to their demand. (I refuse the BLM Salute nor will I military salute.)

    Anyone know of any other Salutes that are less offensive than the Nazi Salute that won't dishonor an honorable group like the Scouts?

  16. Those on the right will hold off for probably too long, but don't make the mistake of believing that they'll be standing in rows like redcoats. Once things start for real, it won't be a war against other people, it will be considered the extermination of non-human vermin.

  17. No Tim no…

    For the past year you"ve been saying "I dont wanna sound like a conspiracy theorist" when talking on the topic of possible civil tentions and conflict , it was all of the people who"ve been called and labelled ww2 bad people for trying to warn of it happening while the while milk toast fense sitters loved to say "there's nuonce to this".

    You're only coming around now lately and acting like you"ve been saying this all along. Smh

    ALL of the people that have been banned censored socially ostracized called nazis bigots fear mongerers conspiracy theorists bla bla bla bla for warning about the likes of blm or antifa and all the other low lifes have all been proven correct.

    People should"ve listened.

  18. I can agree their lunatics, I made a comment about Arsonist setting fires out west and talk about getting jumped and threatened, I never said Antifa or BLM lmao.
    Not gonna trigger me I deleted their stupid?

  19. What the Right does NOT understand is that the Left has been rubbing the truth in their faces for over a year… B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary)