Was Alex Jones right about baby organ harvesting?

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  1. For those of you who don't know, this started years ago. Pfizer does research on rats by sewing circumcised baby's foreskin on the rats to keep human cells alive. It always starts with something nobody would care about but ends up going too far.

  2. You don't really think people voted for this? They stole the vote just like Biden tried to. But Biden is caught. How did NY elect that communist Deblasio. That cow dung is a disgrace. Surely he stole the election because nobody would vote for this.

  3. The jelly people have no idea what they are talking about. I had a miscarriage at home and held my four week old baby. It was the beginning form of an infant, I got to see it study it with my own eyes in my own hands. It is not jelly it is never jelly!

  4. The way they used to kill the baby in partial birth abortions is by scrambling it's brain with a tool and then vacuuming it's skull empty, not sure how they do it now

  5. 2 things that are obvious to me and I can't understand why others don't or won't understand.
    1. Trafficking drugs, guns and humans are the biggest industries in the world. Humans are used for organs, sex etc.
    2. The reason elites want you to have your free abortions even as late as 9 months to birth, is for organs.

  6. Ewww! I live in Newport News, Virginia. Northam is problematic at best. As of July 1st last year/maybe year before, abortions clean through birth were made legal. I'm from Pittsburgh and I'm really not surprised. They make it easy by having the college and the hospital connected.

  7. I think people can and will do whatever they want. I just wish they would call it what it is. You want to end a human life? That's on you. Just call it what it is and stop sugar coating it and pushing it on everyone else like it's no big deal.

  8. Partial Birth Abortion – called so because when the baby's head comes out, the physician basically takes scissors and severs the spinal cord from the brain stem killing the baby instantly. This leads to the mother ultimately pushing out a corpse. Partial Birth Abortion. Nice right? Sounds like murder to me.

  9. Hey Tyler, don't know how you can read that without vomit rising in your throat. I understand you don't have kids yet, my wife gave birth to 2 adorable identical twin boys January of 2020 and my life has been totally changed for the better. But what you're reading and saying is absolutely disgusting, horrid, as well as down right depraved.. how could anyone do this to a child??

  10. Now.. the question is how many people in power are profiting from this type of research ?…I bet libs considering radical lefties love …ya know that scene from 300 with the baby pit yeaa…