Was Edward Snowden a hero or villain? | Andrew Bustamante and Lex Fridman

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Andrew Bustamante is a former CIA covert intelligence officer. Check out his work and podcast at

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. "how dare he run to a country where he won't get imprisoned for the rest of his life or get extradited. What a POS!" It's obviously unfortunate he had to go somewhere like Russia for refuge but what choice did he really have?

  2. Wtf is this refuse being spewed from this fellow… You can look at this a few different ways. However in no way can this be looked at, where it did not take a next level of courage to do what Mr. Snowden did. To be considered a enemy or criminal to putrid slime is nothing more than the way it should be, and a badge of honor. Someone that children can truly look up to. While being made keenly aware of just what it cost one to have such courage… To have such a shallow and vapid take on this matter, shows at minimum this persons lack of these positive traits… made me make the “whom tf farted face”. I believe it’s going to take a couple minutes to wipe it from my poor mug.

  3. Wait a minute. Snowden exposed the government to be in violation of our constitutional rights as citizens. Why is this guy focused on what law Snowden broke? Snowden is a hero just like Assange, to my mind.

  4. There was no mention on the legality of the intelligence communities wholesale disregard of privacy and the law. There was no acknowledgement (in this clip) that what the intelligence community was doing COULD be wrong or go too far which is the scary thing.

  5. Even Vladimir Putin talked about it what Snowden did was wrong and he sealed his life with such an action but he will not kick him out of the country because he is a political refugee.

  6. he's a hero. there have been a wave of privacy protecting policies and movements in europe and US because of him. look at GDPR. look at tech companies' attempts to advertise to users that they are protecting their privacy (even if they might not be actually). look at the discussions about it and various tools/software and movements to protect privacy. look at jaron lanier addressing data and privacy.

    and of course he goes to enemy of USA because that's the only place he can not be imprisoned for life…

    i don't trust this bustamante guy at all

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