Was It All A SCAM?! What REALLY Happened With Facebook Crash??!

The global outage that saw Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go dark for billions of users came just hours after Frances Haugen leaked a series of damning revelations about the company…. just a coincidence?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The Facebook outage was so incredibly fishy. By no stretch of imagination this was a technical glitch. Its another one of Zuckerberg's mind experiments to see how much the world has allowed itself to depend on his company. Shut down everything then watch how everyone, from the granny in the kitchen to multinational corporations, reacts to the outage… one of Zuckerberg's interests is psychology – what better way to "practice" your hobby?

  2. This isn't anything new for big companies & corporations. Look at our food industry. We're poisoning our own people for the all mighty dollar. The USDA is in bed with your beef and dairy industries and it goes on and on. Everyone has a price and the fact that it comes at the expense of the people of this countries health is of no consequence to anybody apparently. Your food has half the nutrients and twice the chemicals but as long as the guys at the top are cashing in nobody makes an issue of it. Disgusting

  3. I fucking love you Russell. For years I haven't been able to watch the news, what can I say – I'm a truth addict. Thank you for allowing me to watch the news again.. meaning, now I watch you.

  4. God told his believers weeks ago that there will be major Black Outs here. Artificial Intelligence is for ARTIFICIAL SOULS. Mark Zuckerberg's inner being is NOT HUMAN; He works for the ANTICHRIST. The 'eyes' are the WINDOW to one's SOUL…The royal family are not human, Bush Sr, and Jr. are not Human, Barack is not Human…as they are here for all their out of control tares roaming on earth causing all sorts of problems for everyone.

  5. “The data is in and the numbers don’t lie

    Officials say experts are predicting

    A possible upswing on the surprise downfall

    With significant contradicting” by Me.

    So most (of Russell's audience) seem to have figured out that this whistle blower has been oddly eager, confident, organized and seemingly, hmm, scripted. She was instantly acknowledged at the highest level – a Facebook employee. Unusually popular and seemingly given the red-carpet treatment with direct passage to an international audience, supported by politicians (those caring bastards) and set center stage by MSM which dedicated prime time news and current affairs programming to her commendable plight.

    Excuse my sarcasm, but we are supposed to buy that this is one woman’s benevolent mission, because she could no longer sit around and accept large pay checks for participation arguably corrupt business methods. Instead she would dedicate her life and give her free time to sit hour after hour (still dressed like an executive) with prepared notes and a clear message (one reflecting the sound bites echoed across media regarding censorship, free speech, misinformation, threats to democracy, conspiracy theories, etc.) . No doubt she must have thought long and hard about coming forward. Doing so, knowing that she would be giving up her job and perhaps her career, risking her reputation, and with the small likelihood that she would be heard, let alone revered, is surely testament to what must be a stellar character with a moral and ethical integrity that left her with no choice. It would take sheer courage to clear her conscience by divulging confidential business practices of her former employer, especially given that the nature of her revelations or allegations, is somewhat subjective and some might even say biased opinion based.

    While other whistle blowers are shut down, ignored, ridiculed, and belittled, this lone soldier hit the jackpot. Special meetings convened to hang on her every word and probably a full-time security detail assigned to her protection, she must be comforted and reassured that she is doing the right thing.

    Every moment, idea, face, perspective, focus, impression, and issue that receives any air time on television, radio, whether that be news, documentary, reality, game show, sitcom, or drama, it is all in support of the corporate interests that are not only seeking to rule the world, which means our minds, but they also endeavor to push their social agenda. This grass roots, local, entry level, philanthropic, for the greater good and the environment approach is the new world order, secret society, United Nations, ruling class elitist bloodline way. It is manipulation, reverse psychology, gas lighting, suggestive, persuasive, social engineering, mind control, propaganda which is carefully, methodically, and unapologetically orchestrated and coordinated by the main players who use actors on the world stage to shape the narrative of humanity. At best the plans unfold in a manner which would appear to be by the will of the people, in agreement with their leaders or without an alternative or avenue to disagree and repercussions for dissenting opinion.

    When the entertainment is so thorough and convincing that you are lost in the story and believe you are playing an important role in the best course of action in the naturally unfolding evolution of humanity and it’s insatiable thirst for survival and exploration and instinctual thrusts to conquer and sacrifice all within the confines of conformity and obedience to the rule of law while simultaneously expressing moral virtue and expanding awareness toward harmony through equality and condemnation, through choice and restriction, through fairness and bias, through safety and experimentation, through nature and genetically modified, patented, synthetic, regulated alternatives, through transparency and confidentiality, through respect and exploitation, through best practices and sponsorships, endorsements and alliances, through education and institution, through information and distraction, through oversight and oversights, through consensus and mandate.

    Just when you begin to see through it all, you have only just begun. Very little of the truth will ever be visible or anywhere near the surface. Rabbit holes within dark mazes that echo contradictory answers in invisible languages, hidden by history erased and locked away, with numbers coded by vibration and symbolism that resonates with molecular archetypal recognition and intentions buried like victims under monuments of defeat and futility.

    The answers lie in new frontiers of sociological paradigm shifts. I have divided the main areas I believe are in need of development into four categories:

     Metameaning multimodulation

     Synchrostatic transperpetuation

     Harmonigraphical specializealousy

     Protomnipotent intergalacophosy

    Just kidding 😁 but seriously, meditation. Pay attention to you first. You reflect the entirety of all

    that is needed but like a good book, you have to be still and listen, one page at a time.

  6. Umm Russell? MSM has destabilized governments for 200 years. Mainly through professional reporting and investigative reporting. It’s why dictators (China, Nazi Germany, Saudi Arabia…) fear powerful media like the New York Times and unknown investigative reporters alike. Dick Nixon feared the press and was brought down. Donny Trump feared the press and lost massively in 2020 due to MSM attention.

  7. Putting some sort of control on ultra rich earnings will ruin the economy, BS! Players gotta play and Money makers gotta make money! They will relish the challenge and get off on any victory. It’s actually a win-win…

  8. The best part of this is Russell Brand the most spiritual and open person is diagnosing the most blatant transspecious Mark Zuckerberg and he he even called Mark a person… I guess Zuck has been a great human ever since the operation lol

  9. When Russell, and people like this whistleblower, say that they want to tell you the truth, what they mean is that they want to reveal the lies.
    The Truth is found by looking in a completely different direction, which I know he attempts to do on other channels.
    The Truth is imagining creates reality, we are all one, and that One is God, playing all the parts in a most audacious play.

    The Calvinistic roots of capitalism and big corporations is self justified by the idea that, being chosen by God, they have carte blanche. And even in spiritual terms, we all have that same free ride to do whatever we want, but the play's script(ure) has most people denying the Truth that we are all of us powerful beings.

  10. Ah…? Frances Haugen " …the principles our country was founded upon". Is that also the opinion of First Nation People? Who were there first? A small detail but a detail none the less.

  11. She is a carefully planted bullshit artist by the billionaire Tech Giant Pierre Omidyar who created/owns eBay and funds The Intercept. This was an sad, laughable and a dangerous attempt to further silencing and censorship of independent media/voices/opinions agenda. Real "Whistleblowers" are running away from the government, stuck inside foreign embassies, Russian airports, passport revoked while evading capture or possibly murder from our governments and maybe later dragged away from the embassies to be prosecuted in sham courts with false testimonies and sociopathic witnesses, treated worse than Nazi's and tortured in prison while awaiting extradition. Not treated with media fanfare, media interviews and testifying in front of the congress.

  12. Why do democrats think it's OK to keep farting on camera in public? The big red wave is coming, hold the democrats accountable, tax and spend socialism is not the American way, flatulent putz biden, has our Country in recession, where is the report he is mentally fit to serve? The dalt does not produce enough personal gas to run our Country without inflation, shortages, although those standing down win of this public farter would argue that point. America is in serious in debt and it's now getting worse, No border security, children in schools threaten with communism teachings, gasoline increases to $5.00 a gallon plus. Biden not only needs mental diaper changes, but physical diaper changes.Who is directly these mindless policies? Who is in charge of trying to run our Country into bankruptcy? Can't wait till 2022 is here and investigations of abuse of power begin and these appointed non experienced heads are held responsible where they thing attacking Americans with self imposed mandates superceded established law to the point of being them being held treasonous. Remember how your household was affected, food shortages, transportation increases,don't forget America look who is holding public office in your area, if they are democrats who voted for our Countries current problems,vote them out, let this be the new battle cry for voters, "not defund the police" but "VOTE THEM OUT" look at each biden department heads radicals, no experience in their field of appointment, now that the problems are here they lack the ability to solve them, Biden must be investigated for his disregard of our laws. It's not too late America, vote them out in 2022 take back the House,take back the Senate,get our Afghanistan stranded people back.

  13. Freedom of speech guarantees the right to disagree and offend. Fascism and authoritarianism guarantees that dissenting and offensive views will no longer be rights. Stand tall for everyone's right to speak. Even if you disagree with what they say and their speech offends you to your core. If you don't your speech may be the next on the guillotine.

  14. When I was learning about American govt. in sixth grade, I became disillusioned about the actual government when I learned of lobbying. I became angry that this practice was happening. The more I tried to explain to the teacher and my class mates that this would destroy the system, and it was a doorway for corruption, the less it seemed that anyone understood what I was saying. Anyway they sent me to the principal and after confusing him I learned that I must dumb myself down to fit in to this society even further. However I did gain points socially by telling the teacher she must be completely stupid not to see it. They made me do summer school as a punishment before I could go on to seventh grade. And now years later I ask; was I wrong?

  15. I like Russell, but I think he missed this one. I don't recall any other whistleblower being celebrated by media this way. It actually seems that she's arguing that FB should have MORE powers of censorship, linked directly to the current administration – which is the definition of fascism.

  16. To pretend that Facebook is the one force on earth capable of destabilizing democracies that we have to "regulate" IS INSANE!!! But sure… I don't like the power they have – they're just so far from the top of the list. The use of the words "make Facebook safer" … may sound great; [but] means absolutely nothing without context; [and] is certainly referring to censorship – the type of censorship that has already been labeled "for your protection" in many places (like YouTube, for instance). Freedom of information (and FREE SPEECH) cannot work with such measures. Also, using this [previously mentioned] rhetoric means you're not even trying to be objective; you're arguing an agenda – WITHOUT SPECIFIC EVIDENCE (!!!).

  17. I ask you: What is she risking?! Her job at Facebook?!
    Edward Snowden & Julian Assange should be fkn furious at how she [and everything she says] is being covered. Why isn't she in hiding, somewhere in Russia…?!

  18. I am a PhD student researching into safety assurance of AI, and I must say that Frances Haugen is way too polite on how she thinks that Mark is not a bad guy, well certainly you can not call him a good guy either, because when you know and explicitly say that your algorithm is dangerous then be crafty about its safety, and you favor profit to safety assurance of your mad dog AI, on people … are you a good and innocent person? we can not label him as an evil psychopath, or even a criminal just because his intention was legitimate business??? he explicitly said in an interview "a dying squirrel is worth showing to people than dying people in Africa" .. who on earth with the right consciousness as a human would say that??? this dude is just a freaking sociopath with immense power… what really struck me, she at the beginning had pleaded for protection against prosecution, while this psycho has an immense immunity from criminal prosecution, if there is a shred of justice in EU and US, Mark Suckerberg must be put to prison and his wealth must be taken to fix the systemic damage he caused by his moto "move fast and break things", whatever change, he and the rest tech giants bosses who really followed this surveillance capitalism must be put to prison, not charging them useless fines that they can easily pay off … because, if you do not set legal precedent on innovating in AI and move fast and break things, you are letting irresponsible innovations to thrive always. HE not just knowingly enabled a murder of one person, but a freaking GENOCIDE ! we have an AI that has MURDERED humans, adding to that Mark enabled a Systemic cyber attack against the US and GB as well as around the world. We are not even mentioning the problems in Palestine and Israel, or iraq or syria , where literally this AI is on FULL THROTTLE ,This disaster is not like some customer walking into a store, while the store had neglected a wet patch on the floor which resulted into a customer slipping and twisted an ankle.. THIS IS A FREAKING WAR CRIME !!! … so far, the business model is rewarded and mark and the rest of the tech gangs are laughing up high at all those regulators … Whistle blowers must be not only protected by law , but FREAKING financially rewarded and knighted !!! … What i dont get is that we have honest people like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange , who have done humanity an immense favor , yet they faced prosecution … like wikileaks is just a platform where other people exercise their freedom of speech and expose corruption, so Julian only provided a platform, for some odd reason, regulators found a quick way to hold him criminally liable for exercising his right of freedom of speech like any regular journalist .. while Mark Suckerberg, has enabled through his lust for growth in his platform WAR CRIMES, SEX TRAFFICKING, CHILD EXPLOITATION, SYSTEMIC ATTACK against USA, and democracy in a way that made Bin Ladin 9/11 a child play, (argubly 9/11 brought the US together, while Mark divided the nation into unrecognizable shape and allowed Russian attack and misinformation and hate for fucking profit,, who is the worst?) , he exploited privacy and single handedly decided that right for privacy shall be removed from humanity , digital slavery, biasm, HATE!!! all of that … and the bastard still walking on two and also rewarded with billions and he wants to expands to freaking META VERSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!

  19. If you put a worm in front of a fish, it’s gonna eat it…..regardless of the hook. That’s where we’re at. Facebook continues to drawl us in because we are under the assumption that it’s what it was intended to be. And more and more people like that fish with keep nibbling every day on that worm even though we know there’s a hook there.

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