Was Jeffrey Epstein controlled by CIA or Mossad? | Andrew Bustamante and Lex Fridman

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. Looks like Friedman has been given the green light to play the shock absorber. All part of the psy op game that they are badly losing. Nothing to see here. How much of a conspiracy can it be if this mouthpiece can talk openly about it?

  2. Maxwell Created Epstein…She targeted Him…after knowing his morals were very little based upon his scheme in the 80s with Steven Hoffenberg as well as with Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi for Iran Contra….after one knows his history and even lies to get to Bear Stearns…you know Epstein can be easily compromised to set up wealthy powerful ppl..and he has a personality ….perfect candidate to use…Maxwell saw that and he worked for her (who she worked for well thats the question but maybe her dad's old employer)

  3. 😂😂😂 This guy is so full of shit. I own a private equity real estate firm & I have a ton of friends who work at bulge bracket banks, large HFs, AMs, etc in NYC, my hometown & Epstein's stomping grounds. And for those who don't know, finance is somewhat of a small world bc so many people in finance grew up in the same areas, went to the same schools, previously worked together, etc.

    In the approximately 10Y period since entering the workforce, my friends & I have NEVER met a SINGLE PERSON who worked for Jeffrey Epstein. Yet somehow he's ostensibly this huge money manager who would "reject" clients with $900MM in assets & demands power of attorney over an investor's money? And while I'll admit you may not need a giant team to run $1B or even $5B, one thing is for certain: ONE person does not manage billions of dollars in AUM. Also, how come nobody who works at the big banks knew Epstein? He's supposed to be this gigantic trader but there's NO record of him trading? Seriously?

    The biggest red flag IMO is this guy is trying to claim Epstein was an organic creation, as in he is a smart guy who built a fortune himself overnight. And then, by chance, Epstein built his network organically, ultimately using it to wield power before coming under the thumb of an intelligence agency, I'm sorry that's just ridiculous. But I had to laugh at the most ridiculous claim, I mean the CIA's 5 Year Budget cycles wouldn't allow them to finance Epstein? LOL dude come on 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ It's like "dude get up earlier than that if you want to fuck w/me"

  4. Mr Bustamante misses a couple of important points in his analysis. 1/ he assumes that intel agencies are working for Govt. exclusively. 2. He assumes that 'we live in a democracy' and budgets and oversight dictate limitations. This is a demonstrably false position, he must know that. dark money 'off the books' and unaccountable Govt. spending is in the trillions. Financing Epstein over a few decades would be a rounding error. The phrase 'limited hangout' comes to mind.

  5. CIA documents revealed he was an asset (and was protected individual)when he got busted the first time for pedophile ring aka sex trafficking ~15 years ago(?) BUT Mossad often has incredible power over or at very minimal influence on the united states intelligence agencies. These are elite sex trafficking and blackmail rings that entertain and later control elites who influence the masses (like movie stars) or those that make policy and trade agreements (polticians).

  6. Bustamante is an agent of influence. He knows he's working with CIA to influence Fridman and Fridman's audience. It's actually useful to have a CIA agent try to spin Epstein as an agent of some unknown foreign intelligence agency because Bustamante's explanations are transparently false. All the evidence points to Israeli/CIA control of Epstein, and CIA has no real argument otherwise.

  7. It wasn’t the mossad. Too many politicians and celebrities tied to Epstein who did not support Israel. They would have fallen in line with what they had been caught doing. It’s CIA and one world govt people.

  8. Of course he was controlled by the Mossad. Why do you think he had a picture of Bill Clinton wearing Monica Lewinsky's dress? Monica Lewinsky was working with the Mossad to entrap Bill Clinton because Bill Clinton was cracking down on things that Israel was doing.

  9. The CIA guy mentions all these foreign interests in Epstein. How many people from the USA went to his Island? He demonizes foreign nations and distracts from US involvement. Total propagandist.

  10. It kills me when I hear the “right” talk about the Clinton’s but always leave out their decades long friend, trump. It’s become embarrassing to have pride in this country. Shame it’s 70%moron

  11. I knew his answer before I even clicked on the video.. There is no way he was about to admit anything negative regarding the CIA. The government 100% has and does create these people of interest that he is denying the CIA does in this clip. It's laughable to think that our government follows any laws or rules, it's all entirely optics. I have worked in government and I know exactly how shady they can be at all levels, not just the top and not just the CIA.

  12. He forgot scientfic as far as who JE was blackmailing. They were looking for Atlantis. Before you laugh , Ghislaine was a submarine pilot and they WERE blackmailing scientists. The CIA put agents into the Edgar Cayce organization to get info on atlantis

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