Was Trump Right About Covid Pill All Along?!

New antiviral COVID treatment developed by Merck, was held back for 6 months due to political & media bias…
#Trump #COVIDPill #Molnupiravir

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. So we have not progressed as a species since the dark ages when you could be burned for saying that the world is round.  
    We do not have free speech if you can be canceled for your opinion.
    If I say "In my opinion, I think the world is round, because of…"  
    And I list my reasons. It is my opinion and should not be censored. People can read the reasons and determine if they agree or disagree.

  2. You’re using two often dubious sources that always have a highly motivated angle and taking them at slack-jawed face value, jumping to wild conclusions in your ridiculous immediate acceptance of them. Matt Taibi is a serial sexual harassed and the WSJ is a Murdoch rag.

  3. That was not all Trump was right about. I sit in South Africa and have been seeing this all the way from the other side of the planet, shocking that America's can't see it, it's just so dame obvious.

  4. Trump destroyed any sort of credibility with his public behaviour. He was a poor representation of all the good republicans that I know. It made him part of a perfect circumstance to do a hostile takeover. He was a horrible example as a president. Would you invite him home for Christmas dinner? Unfortunately the good work of the Republicans was overshadowed by his poor behaviour

  5. I'm poor so when this COVID started and people said out freedoms this and that I just feel numb and don't care o no now I'm still poor ,the world will crack on no one in this YouTube comment section matters . Keep writing.

  6. they couldn't release it 6 months ago because then the j&j, Moderna, and Pfizer people couldn't make all their money. now that 80 something percent of people got the vaccine, merck gets to have a go.

  7. 5:20 No profit from medicine might sound like a sound, altruistic idea, but the fact of the matter is the only reason we have such amazing advancement in medicine is the profit motive. If you eliminate that, you eliminate 75% of the medical discoveries, at the very least. There is a reason why the majority of breakthrough medicines come from the US.

  8. was this before or after the virus going away by it self ,drinking bleach or it should go strait to public cause Trump said so. you try to make it sound like this pill was sat on without testing for 6 or 7 months. all just to damage Trump . Life and death doesn't revolve around Trump's political success. Thats where division comes from.

  9. Because it's a protease drug exactly what ivermectin is and Trump used it to bat covid and that was spoken of as nutjob treatment horse deformed. Now merc are bringing a protease inhibitor so need the gap to try and distance it from ivermectin and Trump. Interesting that a lot of billionaires and wealthy used it and recovered . Pushing vaccines and making the idea of alternative drugs that are effective crazy. Delirium alright

  10. I just read some articles on this pill. Sounds like it works in much the same way the aids pill works. By stopping the virus from reproducing itself. You would take it only if you were actively fighting covid. Sounds like the side effects are similar to the pill that is already used to fight HIV. It does sound like a game changer and terribly sad it was suppressed

  11. Russell all i can say is thank god for YOU!!. You are the bringer of the truths in the world. You speak on behalf of us all. Thank you please never stop saying it as it is. May the universe continue to bless you wisdom. You are here for a purpose, to enlighten the world.JP*

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