Was Trump right all along? | THAT DIDN’T AGE WELL #67

Another week, more things that didn’t age well. You laugh you win. #Trump #Biden #Pelosi

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Written by Zeducation


  1. It's all a part of the "Great Reset." And that's NOT a conspiracy theory. Look at the World Economic Forum's website. Their plan is to bring the entire world to their feet, and instilling fear through the plandemic is part of that plan. "You will own nothing, and be happy." Destroying the freedom and free-thinking world is just a small step in their plan.

  2. Where I live Spokane
    Next to us is the city of Spokane valley fined a coffee drive thru a 126000 dollars in fines for covid related infractions plus a bunch of other businesses a crap load of money

  3. Put Witmer in jail….for 10 years, high security, preferably in solitary confinement with no possibility for parole. She needs a good dose of her own medicine.

  4. Democrats will now blame China and set themselves up as the party that truly cares about protecting America from biological weapons hoping that we have memories the length of squirrels and will forget with the next nut they use to tempt us into surrendering liberty.

  5. When this "pandemic" first started and I saw the way the world governments acted, I knew back then they believed it came from a lab and they were scared. Any other illness would have been a series of warnings and suggestions, not shut downs and laws.

  6. Love you bro but the clap talking has to go…
    I know you have headphones on but I’m not sure you realize what that sounds like on our end.
    Keep kicking ass!

  7. I think you people should pay close attention to what's happening and what's coming. For the first time, I will soon release a video and lay out the plans for you. If you're among some of the few people to see the plan you know what to do, but if you're not then your gonna have a choice to make very very soon…

    Mr. Gray

  8. In my country politicians told that kids should wear a masks in school (classrooms for 6h). but when journalist asked why they not wearing masks in they meeting answer was we cant breath. in them.

  9. The WHO cannot be the ones "investigating" the origin of covid-19. They are not neutral in this. They have been bought and paid for by China. They do whatever China says.

  10. If Fauci had supported an investigation and admitted that it could of been a lab creation we might be better off today. Given a year the Chinese government has destroyed the evidence and silenced the people

  11. Fouci thinks that as long as the Demoncrats are in charge he is safe to play both sides.
    Apparently he has forgotten that the Demoncrats EAT THERE OWN just to save face and themselves.
    Just wait until everyone finds out about what he did with AIDS!
    "[THEY] won't be able to walk down the street."

  12. The real thing that hasn’t aged well is not what she says. But Nancy herself. She doesn’t look a day over prehistoric.

  13. Every single individual on Earth should be held accountable for their own actions. Reading some classic Sci-Fi and read this recently,
    "People often mistake their own shortcomings for those of society and want to fix the cities because they don't know how to fix themselves."
    Elijah Bailey from Isaac Asimov's novel The Caves of Steel 1953.
    This explains everything about the situation we now find our Country in. Live and let live. As long as you are not harming anyone else or breaking any laws feel free to do whatever you want. If I don't like it, I can just ignore it, leave, and forget it. I expect no less from any other fellow human being. We all bleed RED and that is all anyone needs to know or worry about in anyone else. A persons character is all that matters not the pigment of their skin.