Was Wokeism seeded by foreign entities? (Peter Boghossian & Bret Weinstein)

Bret Speaks with Peter Boghossian on a multitude of subjects surrounding wokeism, Covid, and the endpoint of our present course.

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  1. The Liberal enlightenment told you how good things would be when we removed the link between religion and the state all that happened was we replaced one religion with another.

  2. James Lindsay is doing some great work exposing the origins and the purveyors of this “woke” ideology, which is most definitely a religion. At its core is cultural Marxism and Weinstein, a progressive, unwittingly in the past was responsible for promoting it.
    Weinstein needs to have Lindsay as a guest. Also Andy Ngo would be excellent.

  3. Hi DarkHorse, listening to Brett with his conviction that what is happening now is r=the product of any recent cultural developments is understandable on the face of it, it does look as if thinks are now somewhat worse they they have previously been is in part new, the product of the much wider distribution of silly ideas.
    The fundamental issues that started with the unregulated industrial revolution created enormous cultural instability, within a few generations some of that stability re-appeared in the industrial communities that discovered a new form of socialism that lead to the creation of the trades unions and the 'welfare' state, this was the unintended consequence of the concentration of many people of a wide range of natural talent in an unregulated environment where the only thing they could do was take control of their own lives, this then fell apart as the owners of those industries took away all the capital that it needed to continue and develop, now the entire social fabric that sustained that form of socialism has vanished!, there is now no substantial community cohesion anywhere, this does nothing to alleviate the natural anxieties that people endure, emotional conditions that lead to the assumption that such feelings are the product of external causes.
    Once embarked on this course where the distinction between correlation and causation is lost nobody has real control of anything!.
    What I am trying to explain here is that while the actual nature of humans is not changed the gradual erosion of societal cohesion changes the 'landscape', people become more and more neurotic and adopt ever more outrageous faiths and beliefs, there is a direct correlation between this and economic and spiritual poverty.
    The impression I have therefore is that while I agree that our western 'civilisation' is collapsing around our ears this is not the product of anything new, it is the product of many centuries of moral and intellectual corruption.
    I use that term because it is the correct one in this context, the corruption is embedded within the fundamental nature of humanity, our enormous capacity for rational thought conflicted by our equally excessive imagination. These two combined with the inability to tell the difference means that most of us most of the time simply latch on to the nearest available concept that 'fits' our chosen world view and by emotional investment and 'conviction' assert it to be the 'truth'.
    I do not have any idea yet as to what can be done about this, I suspect that we are indeed nearing the end of humanity's tenure on this planet and all the others are beyond our reach.
    The sheer scale of the problem and the resources needed to address it it are so vast, firstly a huge cohort of clever people have to develop strategy and methods that actually work and then roll it out into every corner of our culture so that people can then choose rational alternatives to what they currently believe, apart from the obvious fact that this cannot be done by force I know nothing else about it, all the people that I talk to that seem to understand me are already onside, the others simply do nit hear me!.
    Cheers, Richard.

  4. Whether seeded by foreign entities or not it was pushed and honed by many willing "academics" in the US and other Western nations, and that "mind virus" will continue until EVERY LAST ONE of those morally corrupted nutjobs are removed from their positions.

  5. I've been thinking this for a while…America's greatest strength is also her greatest weakness…freedom. Think about how very easy it would be for foreign entities to infiltrate our schools, our churches, our government, our corporations, and in so doing, change our culture with ideas akin to madness. This has created incredible chaos. It should be patently obvious that changing long standing definitions to suit a given narrative is stupid and dangerous, but we allow it and in some cases cheer it on. The definition of racism, for example, was changed to include systemic issues and the effect of that change has created purposeful segregation in, of all schools, Harvard! This purposeful chaos is also being carried out with covid and also with the climate change hysteria. The effects of this will be catastrophic if the strong men and women in this country do not stand up and make their voices heard. At the very least, we are headed for mass secession of states that see this madness and want no part of it. Florida, Texas, Tennessee and New Hampshire could all be their own sovereign countries soon.

  6. Brett is on the right track but is worse than nuclear reactors. It’s everything and COVID-19 came close to being a civilization ending event. Most people are fools and they are pushing the reasonable and intelligent out. I work in policy and cannot believe how many of my credentialized colleagues are lazy or stupid and try to create policy through anecdote or ideology. There research is CNN and MSNBC. Education, health, water supplies, energy, and food supply systems are being undermined as the world heads to 10 billion. The “Gates Solution” is depopulation. Who gets to play God? A lottery or a “wise woke” plutocrat?

  7. People got stupid during Covid because they feared their own mortality. They were willing to kick other people under the bus to protect themselves for one day more. I could not believe the hysteria over a virus that kills one in a thousand when there are other things out there more likely to kill me. I cannot believe we prioritized the old for the young. I would take a bullet for my kids, not the other way around. If my son were drafted I would go in his stead. I can be sacrificed for society but society cannot be sacrificed for me! During the Spanish Flu some privileged women risked their lives tending the sick. Today they fled Manhattan for the Hamptons like the characters in Boccaccio’s Decameron.

  8. The 20th century Marxists unleashed this mind cancer on the world…intentionally..
    All of this crap is Marxist theory & tactics..
    Once these pathogens infected universities, where young minds are developed…self destruction became eminent..
    I agree with Brett.. If this woke virus continues to infect & destroy all logic & reason, dismantling critical life support systems & replacing them with coolaid haired psychopaths, it's only a matter of time before famine, nuclear holocaust, mass democide, or some other cataclysmic madness engulfs humanity…

  9. Confusing and scary indeed, to someone who can think clearly at least. To others, the primal fear of social rejection is far more terrifying to admit the truth. To themselves, let alone others. Don't make the Dunning Kruger mistake, of assuming that people are as smart as you, just because they are good at talking and hold a piece of paper from a prestigious establishment. Many of the brightest minds are not very eloquent and are terrible in a debate, no matter what their expertise is.

    Now, I know that you have applied your knowledge of trauma and how people react to it…. How it can reshape your behaviour patterns (CPTSD, reactive narcissism, personality type issues). And I know that you have applied that knowledge to the well known phenomenon of dramatized news cycles and how the television alters your brainwaves even if your not actively watching it, or even in the same room.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it's one big conspiracy, hardly. It's more like a lot of grandiose people, some conspiring with others, to "win" their corner in the "rat-race". Naively, or narcissisticly, believing in their all-knowing wisdom, but making rookie mistakes via all sorts of logical fallacies. Evolutionary/environmental mismatch. Emergent, if you will.

    I have had to come to the realisation that is what people do when they are not smart, or are incapable of accessing their smarts because of trauma responses….

    Thanks. Keep publishing these discussions please. It's great to know that I am not the only one aware of the emergent patterns in society. Although I've been watching intently for the last 11 or 12 years, when my old gods finally died in my mind, rather than just changing their guise, and the truth became my religion instead. Which is more than can be said for many academic intellectuals of note claiming to be atheist and of "the science".

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