Wash Post Reporter Freaks Out Over Disinformation Board’s Closure

The announcement that the Department of Homeland Security would be launching its own Orwellian Ministry of Truth called the “Disinformation Governance Board” was met with scorn and hostility from critics across the political spectrum. Now the Board’s putative head, Nina Jankowicz, has submitted her resignation, the initiative has been put on ice and the Washington Post’s chief social media mean girl, Taylor Lorenz, has written an unhinged piece decrying the online bullying that sent the new agency packing.

Jimmy talks to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and American comedian Kurt Metzger about the rise and precipitous fall of this ill-advised government censorship project.

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  1. Nina (aka Mary Poppins off her meds) is doing to us the same as Dr Fauci did to Beagles. Fauci’s experiment locked Beagles in cages in a way insects were eating away their faces. And Fauci’s experiment CUT THE VOCAL CHORDS to silence the tormented Beagles. Nina’s Ministry of Truth was going to cut our vocal chords.
    And the agenda has not changed. Proof is the people selecting Nina to head the Ministry of Truth are still in power.

  2. They’re so disgusting, they divide people, lie to us all the time, they are completely corrupt people who have no remorse or compassion whatsoever, and they would take away our freedoms, but scream about their feelings on Twitter and acquiesce to the people who they’re supposed to be holding accountable!

  3. Keep your eye on it. It isn't gone. In Australia they tried pushing this onto us and we fought back, but then the government spent 10s of billions of dollars on campaigns beating us down telling us that women were being murdered everyday online through mean words and finally snuck in a thing they call the esafety board. So this is how they do it, they use protecting group x as a reason to be able to set it up and now we have a psychotic commie far left nutjob with the power to fine an individual $30k (or there abouts) for saying things online that aren't part of the narrative. Keep vigilant, they will sneak this in like our fascist government did.

  4. Everybody was against this because NOBODY wants to Be Silenced. No matter how much you dislike something someone is saying you Must accept their right to say it if you want to enjoy that same freedom yourself.

  5. Nina can go back to slime pit she crawled out of. She's a person that pisses you off without saying a word. Then, she opens her mouth and this smug, self righteous hypocrite liar spews her vile left wing hate speech. Go away and stay gone.

  6. "Users…? Who?? We don't know! It could have been Taylor Lorenz under a fake name for all we know" — and with that sentence Jimmy discovered the key to every smear and fake controversy, every fake hate-crime hoax, every false-flag WMD stockpile from Saddam has WMDs to gamergate, from Assad gassed his own people to Trump pee tapes, from Trump blackmailed Zelensky to Biden won 86% of the vote in a freak election where not a single thing matched any previous election, including zero bellwethers. It's all astroturf: astroturf comments, astroturf WMD, astroturf intelligence, astroturf hatecrimes, astroturf votes. Everything is fake.

  7. A lot of these large media companies also own news organizations in India that run a constant smear campaign against PM Modi and in general misrepresenting the news against Hindus to constantly push the narrative of a 'fascist islamophobic dictator' running the Indian govt whereas Modi enjoys most electoral popularity for ditching socialism and allowing private Indian companies to create jobs.

  8. Michael Chertoff and Jamie Gorelick will take the baton from Jankowicz and continue down the disinformation track. Chertoff provided legal advice to the CIA on torture! Gorelick was on the 9/11 Commission and its report is full of lies.

  9. For once Biden brought about the unity he was claiming to give our country. Both leftists & right-wingers united to condemn Biden's attack on the 1st Amendment.

  10. If Taylor Lorenz was around during the American Revolution she would have been directing the Redcoats to every printing press so they could destroy them. We need to call these people out for NOT being journalists, just partisan activists. Thanks Jimmy

  11. All of the hippies I grew up with were constantly telling me you can’t trust FBI, CIA and other gov agencies. Now most of those hippies are eating up everything the gov tells them 🫤

  12. On an episode of "All in the Family", Mike AKA Meathead, berated Archie for borrowing tools from his workplace to use at home. Later, Archie caught Mike making a cheat long distance call (a messaging arrangement from one person to to inform another person that the first person got home alright by using a fake person-to-person call which was always declined.
    When Archie accused Mike of defrauding the phone company, Mike's response was, "I was a victim of the system."
    For clarification for fellow Jimmy Dore fans who were not born at that time, long distance calls were charged by the minute and each minute was very expensive like cell phone charges in the 1990's.

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