Wash Post Smears Free Speech Advocates As “Racist”

Twitter’s head attorney and the individual most responsible for promoting Twitter censorship of Donald Trump and others Vijaya Gedde reportedly cried when she revealed to staffers that Elon Musk was taking over the social media platform. And after she received vitriolic and racist comments from randos on Twitter, the Washington Post all but accused Musk and Breaking Points host Saagar Enjeti (who tweeted criticism of the censorship) for directing the racist hate at Gedde.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the breakdown of establishment efforts to corral social media speech to represent exclusively elite-approved opinions

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  1. Back in the old days, people didn't get so easily offended. Everyone told jokes about each others race, colour and creed, without the crying there is today. All of this stems from humans being able to talk to strangers and unable to recognize bad taste or causing offence. Social Media has enabled ppl to talk to anyone and everyone, while not actually knowing them. How can one measure a strangers reaction…you can't.
    I was brought up to never talk to strangers. Get back to real life and laugh in your friends group. Leave all rubbish this to the global manipulators, cos their noses are right in your data. America wants as much data as it can get its greedy hands on for the shaping of the human commodities future.

  2. I'm a dyed in the wool Peleoconservative.
    We believe the ends do not justify te means.
    Make a mistake, chills, all over.
    I pray that you do not burn.
    This is how we were instructed, and most of us, if not all, believe it.
    We are traditionalist (small "t"')
    It's important that you notice small (t).
    We are Catholics that do not believe in, nor do we adhere to, the Novus ordo (New order).
    The Satanists in the Vatican know we will fight against them until the world is no more.
    "Until The World Is No More",……………..
    "And The World Is No more"
    When i first read that ending to Geneis it gave me chills.
    Not only did I realize the planet will disappear ("and the world will be no more"), but the concept of a planet may or may not.
    Let us not worry about the planet, let us worry about us, our souls.
    Orthodox and traditionalist Catholics have a fight on our hands against evil.
    The planet is not only insignificant, it is to be ignored.

  3. To me, Jimmy Dore is a Patriot…regardless of his preference for a taxpayer funded socialist healthcare system…he loves good people, America, and Freedom. I’d share a foxhole with him any day…hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

  4. How is favoring free speech/press racism? This makes no sense! It appears that if you favor free speech on a social media platform, then you are a racist, a right-wing nut and a fascist. In reality, they are the fascists for denying people free speech!

  5. Vijya Goti was is pathologic liar , I remember her saying how her father had to get permission of KKK to sell insurance , seriously!!! what a pathetic nut-job , she really believes in insulting people with spewing venom every time she open her mouth

  6. Can you imagine how angry and flustered all those Twitter tools must’ve been, while Elon’s buying Twitter while simultaneously tweeting things that they normally would’ve banned him for… They’re purging, they’re panicking, and we should be asking for heads to roll

  7. Those questions from the "journalist" are just so bizarre. Imagine a real journalist decrying somebody like Elizabeth Warren or something, for criticizing the policy decisions of a top executive at Exxon Mobil. And being so emotional about it because they are worried that Warren's criticism might make people tweet at that executive and demand he be fired. As Glenn Greenwald says, the point of journalism is to attack power and root out wrongdoing. These tech executives have so much power its crazy

  8. It's becoming clearer to me that the head attorney wasn't some simple-minded idealist pushing a woke agenda but actually a shred political operative positioned in a key position in an incredibly influential social media company. Banning the Hunter Biden laptop in the days leading up to the election wasn't a mistake, it was THE MAIN REASON SHE WAS THERE. I'm sure lots of the employees are genuine true believers in safe spaces and the like but this attorney and perhaps others were steering the company away from its libertarian origins towards benefiting a particular political cause. Once Twitter's influence became obvious, it was imperative that it be infiltrated.

  9. Are these people completely brain dead? Do they think there’s any chance at all that she is not going to be FIRED as soon as the deal is closed and Musk is running things?

    Of course she is going to be fired and the should be.

  10. In India J is always pronounced as J and not Y or H. When ever a white native English speaker mispronounce my name Jithin as Yithin I wanna shoot them point blank.😂

  11. 🇬🇷🧿🔴🔵🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🔵🔵🔵🔵🧿🧿
    Racism is natural

    Like tribalism

    You help your race
    And your race help you

    Only interracial love
    Is ok
    In interracial love you break the rules of TRIBALISM

    For the love of woman
    Even if the woman
    Cannot love

    We have 5 races on planet

    Browns indians
    Blacks africa
    Yellow asians
    Redskins indians

    5 races live on harmony
    Becuase of interracial love

    I like brown skin indian women
    I forgive brown skin women
    They can say whatever they like


  12. Hidden selective censorship is probably the product available to any buyer. That is very different than censorship as you think of it traditionally. For enough money from an "advertiser", you would probably see Tweets that like Pepsi and dislike Coke. In other words, maybe they are selling preference in the algorithms and are clinging to censorship not for moral reasons or conscience or political ideology as you assume, but because it's part of their business model.

  13. Everything lefties disapprove of is branded "racist" or "misinformation". Kind of like neocons label everything they don't like as "terrorist". I would like to say they do it intentionally as a childish rhetorical tactic, but they are so lost in their own ostmodern ideology that I suspect some many of them actually mean it. They couldn't explain HOW it us one of those things, but they are convinced anyone who opposes them MUST be those things.

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