Washington Post Confirms USPS Richard Hopkins Stands by Original Claims as Go Fund Me Page Removed

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  1. Dominion Software Used?: It's likely that Our President, Donald J Trump WON even more States & the Popular Vote! 30 States used this software & their Election Results should be in Question!

  2. Head the MSM off at the pass! This is simply not about a selfish Trump winning the election! It’s about restoring integrity to the election and restoring power to the power. Trumps first and last promise of this 4years. If you don’t understand that? Well they don’t make a pill for that.

  3. I love your enthusiasm and certainty that Trump will pull this off and serve four more years. Unfortunately I’m not as confident anymore. The media and the forces against us is just way too strong and wvefwhelming at this point. The courts may side with us but that may change the results of a state or two but not the overall election outcome. They cheated and they will get away with it. I’ve lost hope in the system at this point and come to realize voting doesn’t make a difference. They cheat and my vote doesn’t count anyway

  4. H a come on people you act like this is something new the Democratic Socialist Communist party's been doing this for years this ain't nothing new really the only thing that's new about it is that the mainstream media a siding with them

  5. Hey h.a your three latest uploads have been censored . Every time I got to watch them I just get an error and all your other videos don't want to load they just sit there and buffer.