Washington Post Sides with Criminals in Portland, Worries about DHS/Feds

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  1. What is of interest is how the Democrats would have to act to reign in their dogs if they got in power. Bet they won't allow it to continue so what would they do?

  2. A fucking Democrat actually tries to defend themselves by citing the one Amendment that they have been trying to incessantly abolish….. now 'that' is the true meaning of "irony"…..the right to assemble. Go figure. Newsom defies everything that this Amendment stands for. I am beyond weary with all of this bullshit. Seriously. I feel like a war is coming, only it's going to be a bunch of Pitbulls standing off against a bunch of trembling Chihuahuas. Democrats don't physically fight. Their only defense system is to manipulate the Legacy media in any way possible. The saying used to be "You don't bring a knife to a gunfight" … I suppose that one could be updated to "You don't bring rhetoric into the Octagon."

  3. I don't understand Styx's assertion that he's "telling us he told us so" about the fact that many of us on the right wanted a violent response against insurgents and that somehow… we were wrong?? I don't get it. I still stand by my original position that Trump should have sent in the National Guard and ordered them to shoot to kill looters, vandals, arsonists and violent thugs.
    Criminals and, in fact, entire families of criminals – along with their friends and allies – have grown in numbers over the past few decades and now they feel emboldened and powerful by their massive demographic. That's exactly why we're seeing things like CHAZ in Seattle and the audacious riots in Minneapolis and elsewhere. Our government needs to send a clear message to these thugs that they can't get away with these things and that attempting to do so will get them killed. And, so far, that message has not been sent.

  4. I'm supportive of federal authorities quelling the riots in PDX, but would like to see some hard facts on the exact powers granted to DHS, CBP, etc. to act in such situations. Not that I doubt they should be allowed to detain and question rioters but for debate purposes.

  5. The government’s purpose, under the constitution, is to secure your rights from being infringed upon. If the state won’t do it then the feds have a legal and moral obligation to step in. At least that’s my opinion.

  6. Perhaps they can get the rioters on process crimes and put them away for 10 years. Tell them they are treating them as liberals do, people like Comey and Brennan, good old-fashioned Mueller tactics of which they approved these last years.

  7. If the reason for doing or not doing anything is "the left will chastise Trump!" then nothing would ever get done. We can't use the left's hyperbole as a litmus test for what Trump does. The same reason I disagreed with you about Trump picking a far right judge vs a moderate judge. Kavanaugh has turned out to be not as far right as many had hoped, and yet the left still ran him through the ringer and called him a rapist. The left is going to complain either way, so we might as well do what we want.

  8. Wheeler has grown feed these Antifa nimrods for years, they took over down town long before this….I will never again visit that town, it's infected.

  9. This nonsense in Portland needs to end tonight. Quickly. Easily. Federal forces. Keep the MSM away. Enough with allowing the destruction of our dear Republic.

  10. Styx. From my perspective a Seattle citizen held hostage in the DNC Occupation Zone, this political thuggery is no different from the paranoid violent Resist mobs that oppressed town halls, public events and community gatherings post 2016 election. The DNC Hillary & Lynch gloated about punishing voters for daring to reject their progressive authortatian creed. These useful idiots are funded and coached by Soros/DNC, . IF we had actual effective counterintel at the FIB, & DoJ NS our country would not have been subjected to 4 years of 24 / 7 psy ops intimidation. Squeezing l militant activists and protecting civil public forums is exactly the kind of thing we pay counterintelligence to do. But of course, they’re too busy undermining our right to control our country.

  11. I wish these protesters would attempt to storm a military base. Imagine how bad that would work out for the peaceful protester

  12. The mad thing is the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Benzo who also owns Amazon. They are literally defending the people that are trying to destroy their bosses company.

  13. These little soy sissy boys and green haired non binary bimbos need to read the Patriot act. They have no rights if they are deemed terrorists.

  14. They didn't give a shit when the government founded a whole new federal agency just to feel people up at the airport, but a few rioters are arrested trying to attack a courthouse and now we live in a police state I tells ya!

  15. 0:57 So? I'd rather trump send in officers to arrest the troublemakers than to let this keep getting out of hand. I mean, does any rational person want to live in africa 2.0?