WashPo Beginning To Question Pentagon’s Ukraine Lies

From the “Better Late Than Never” file we can now report that The Washington Post has begun expressing skepticism about the narrative coming out of the Pentagon about the Ukraine War. In a recent article The Post suggested that information coming out of the administration about Ukraine may not be 100% accurate, and alludes to recent history and all the lies that came out of successive presidential administrations about the Afghanistan conflict.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss why the Post is just now allowing in a little light about Pentagon and White House misinformation over the Ukraine War.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. The poorest country in Europe has built up the second largest military since 2014 (after Russia). It was grateful for Barack Obama's military aid. Poroshenko, the chocolate billionaire and then president of Ukraine, used American capital to completely re-equip his army, which was destroyed by Russia in 2014, with his own equipment, as he owned not only a chocolate factory but all the weapons factories in Ukraine.
    These 300,000 soldiers are now dead or wounded.
    And the new Volkssturm of 18 to 60 years old will fix it ???
    12 HiMars systems that can only hit the S400 defence system if the other Ukrainian batteries use their last ammunition as bait…
    Soon the Twitter game will be over for the champagne drinker Selenski and his fairground boxer Klitschko.

  2. EU will have to go through ww3 as it may learn not to be hagemonistic and dismantle NATO and stick to agreements. Only now without direct war EU will realise reality of peace when Putin turns off the fossils fuels and grains. The frost deaths will surely replace the brain dead leaders. The only alert leader who knows what he is doing is obvious.

  3. What do you expect, 2/3 of Americans believe the propaganda. Stop whining, be grateful Americans are not living under bombardment and your national resources not being plundered 🤭

  4. I as a German feel so bad about the fact that Ucraine has no chance to win the war. But we send weapons that kill Russian and Ucrain soldiers and Civillians.I hope Russia can forgive.

  5. Jimmy is too stoned to even read the articles half the time and yet manages to deduce the truth. How dumb must everyone else be?

  6. America's (Master Plan) Ukraine/Russia conflict working out sweetly as inteded. As Germany economy goes down, so does the whole European economy…… idiot Europeans… and the USA laughing and laughing…. lol….lol…….

  7. Lol. The combined American economic model in a nutshell:

    'Rip-off your own citizens to fund wars that enable the country to rip-off and extort the rest of the world even faster.'

    When the latter goes slower than the former, America goes into recession. When it goes faster, it has a boom.

  8. Russia is known for its Winter combat. They're probably just waiting it out until then. Come winter, they'll push hard into Ukraine, and while the west is distracted with that China will push for Taiwan.

  9. Severdonetsk and Lysychansk both cities of 200,000 took 5 days to take both, they call that an annihilation from where i come from (London) now they will take Bakhmut and Siverst before they go for Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, after which it will be over as al the 8 year defences would have been smashed and the tanks can go rolling across the west behind the southern lines and surround the Ukrainian southern army before annihilating it………

  10. Jimmy according to the pentagon Ukraine started with 250,000 professional 8 years trained and armed by NATO Army, it also said they had 350,000 reservist people with some military experience, so if they are calling up conscripts surely that means they have lost more than 180,000 soldiers at least…….. this is disgusting how the west is complicit in hiding these basic facts

  11. The media print word salad articles to click bait, based on that days predictions and tosh given to them by alleged expert sources. I've never know a Ln invading force or power to tell the media exactly their objectives. Kyiv was always a military distraction, a deception to draw in the might of ukraine forces, whilst the true Russian objectives in the East and South were achieved. Splitting a defensive force, is tactics, the media fuel this war by lies and disservice to the American ppl, because they don't print reality only propaganda. The ukraine war is likely a further justification of green agenda, with cuts on fuel and food, easily blamed by Biden and his West cohorts to distract and allow, stealth policies to change our existing way of life, only in the west. This is the new communism 2.0

  12. Think of it, all of this bullshit comes down to young men dead, on both sides. Sit back and think about it, just look around at most of the young men that you personally know and think about them being torn apart by either bullets or explosives. I'm willing to bet that not one of our useless politicians ever takes a moment to think about the amount of death and destruction they've personally caused to others on this planet, no, I bet they're like Nancy Pelosi who's more worried about her expensive ice-cream than any kind of life on this planet.

  13. Think the Ukraine reporting is like the reporting in Afghanistan. 300,000 well trained Afghanistan troops lost in a couple of weeks. We were paying the troop wages which gave a motive to report fathom troops and siphon off the numbers. Some reports said spread troops were not being paid. Think the failure to resolve the Afghanistan problem resulted the same results in Ukraine. Problem with Ukraine is the stakes are higher

  14. Still mad at you for the mental health meds we have a serious mental health issue wrapped in the gun laws . What's his face is a scientologist and they take mental I'll and put them in camps that torture them. Please stop. Adderall is not meth it is far different. Did too many children get meds when they didn't Y. E. S but other after trying everything else. Took it and we're able to function go to school and college now their on the prohibition list like pain meds are not heroin and have been used since 3400 BC . Prohibition to give them meds that don't work or have very very bad side effects like the people who don't need them have a bad side effect. Dea practices medicine without a license and has done so since Nixon started the war on drugs making the vets elderly and disabled ***the useless eaters**" the 1% depopulation plan and we're first those like in Hitler T-4 project all broken people must die targeted for elimination cause we have 3 choices 1 suicide 2 Go to the streets die DEA supplies the cartel with pharma chemicals for fentanyl. Vice news Bloomberg news.
    The 1% want 8 billion died from what they have started funded. Wars toxic illegal drugs, mental health meds that cause violence or diabetes and not for the person. Pazol (sp) violence Zoloft or generic causes diabetes and worse depression. Intolerance to seriotion is a verified by DNA test and blood test opposite of the ignorant study you were pushing please look into more studies as you provided already they are purposely making studies for their depopulation plan. Jimmy millions of people fall in the group slotted for elimination. For the pain meds see Dr Singer Cato institution the council of pharmacuducals and sciences the director of that wrote 85 reports on opioid hysteria.Dont punish pain group I belong to are trying to fight against the lies by the government and the DEA who practices medicine without a license and uses the very wrong MME calculator ( measurements of the amount one needs based on the persons metabolism DNA intolerances people are different have intolerance and high or very low metabolism it doesn't matter what size they are opioid hysteria report. It is which is a one size fit all.. the 21st century cures act has in it the right to make up studies that don't follow the federal regulations of them. Please see the Dr Thomas Kline YT channel. I have been a victim of malpractice in my state they use the electronic health system to manipulate images and reports to cover up malpractice. To label people deny care . I have a cancer caused by implants and it is a blood cancer that kills bone marrow large cell lymphoma. As to mental illnesses all of the people have to try many but they want to destroy people..
    The new type they want makes us in these groups lab rats tracked like dogs . Medtronic is currently working on the pill that leaves a tag. Nano micro chip . May have got the name wrong and they are not the only one look up AI medical.

  15. MSM parades words like 'assessments', 'scrutiny', 'analysts' to make its previous propaganda seem more reasonable. MSM printed lies about the Ukrainian situation for half a year to manufacture public support for this farcical engagement. Our media and our leaders are completely failing us. Warmongering fools who throw away our money for 'democratization' of the globe.

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