Washpo’s Unhinged Bernie Bashing Reveals Establishment Panic

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  1. Jimmy. Trump would stop Bernie cold like you never seen any body stopped before Another 50 years of brainwashing is needed before socialism takes over. The country will fall apart, bernie will be dead. Some other Stalin type will be available.

  2. "…average uneducated Trump supporter…"? I am a licensed physician and I support Trump (unless Tulsi is the Democrat candidate, then I will have to seriously reconsider how I will cast my vote) and many highly educated professionals I personally know support TRUMP with the exception of scum of the earth LAWYERS. Which tellingly is the post grad degree the vast majority of career politicians possess. Think about that.

  3. I'm not convinced Jimmy and posse. I did but I don't believe. Bernie's non confrontation "mistakes" are making him anything but sane and compassionate. Fuckhead DNC may be making him look superficially weak but then people get it back in their faces. ahh…he went high ground again. It's making him look saintly fatherly, not weakly grandfatherly. I think he already has all the smart people he needs around him but I'll bet as POTUS he'll call on Yang and Gabbard, though either would be a great Henry Wallace for him, out of respect for their intelligent fights.

  4. They're lying and insulting Bernie Sanders and his supporterswhich is going to really divide the party and lose the election and then they're going to blame it on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. You people in the media need to start saying that because that's what's obviously happing.

  5. Please stop putting up pictures of this lady her teeth are so gross it makes me want to vomit. I honestly can't stop staring at them. She really needs to stick with radio.

  6. The political article should really say, who do these Bernie supporters think they are? The nerve of them to stick up for themselves they need to shut their mouths while I lie and insult them, Fucking Bernie Bros they are not allowed to get angry after I insult the s*** out of them.

  7. Bernie's plan will cost just under a hundred trillion dollars for the next ten years.
    We already spend 4 trillion annually which consistently puts us in the red by a trillion dollars year by year.
    Jimmy, for someone who's dismayed about how bad the Democrats have made themselves out to look, I'm surprised you're supporting Bernie.
    If Bernie were to get elected, it would totally ruin America and would only make the Democrats look even worse.

  8. DNC and Hillary arranged to end Tulsi's run thereby handing it all to Bernie. Has anyone asked the DNC and Hillary if things are working out as planned? Is she the one saying Russia is colluding with Bernie?

  9. I am glad the corrupt media is attacking someone besides Trump. So we see how people are calling them out when its Bernie its not ok If its Trump it's ok. Anita Hill was a lying pig. I hope she burns in hell

  10. If Bernie can't beat Biden in a Democrat primary…how badly do you think he'd get his ass kicked by Trump when Republicans, Independents, and Democrats who don't want communism vote against Bernie? I kind of wish Bernie would win the Dem primary's so we could destroy the Democrat party down ballot too.

  11. "uneducated Trump moron yelling shit from the street" I believe antifa does not support Trump….neither do Bernie-bro's or Feminist Hildabeast supporters. Btw, it's ONLY the left yelling shit from the street. We even have them screaming at the sky on day 1 of Trumps inauguration. It was beautiful. That fat chick is in internet history as a MEME of Feminism and leftism….insanity and projection.