WATCH: ASU Students Are FURIOUS After Being NEARLY EXPELLED For Anti-White Incident!


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  1. This issue will continue to become an issue until the country has become so divided the fabric of this country will be ripped to shreds. The only way back is to return to the Judeo-Christian values upon which our country was founded. Forgiveness of others and of self, loving each other for who we are and recognizing we are children of a God who loves us most deeply, and wants us to be happy always. This type of leftist mindset in this video will only bring grief and disparity to everyone.

  2. So I've heard camo caps were bad, but is it only Bass Pro hats? Discrimination reversed and finally "punished." Would have like to have seen those white supremacists, these girls are the only racists I see. Welcome to the New Year!

  3. I won't give those girls a pass for being young and stupid, the hate in them is so deep that maturity will only make them more hateful. These are the kind of girls that will someday have COP-hating children that end up in a horrible confrontation with the law.

  4. Ah yes protecting yourselves by confronting the person you are “afraid” of, I’m sure anyone would do the same thing with an active shooter or a rabid dog

  5. ALL this is is an EXCUSE to EXTOL BIGOTRY; WHICH BOTH these LIB-TARDS are DEEPLY imbedded with. They are SEGREGATIONISTS , who are DISCRIMINATING based on RACE which is NOT ONLY ILLEGAL, but goes against the very concept and spirit that MLK worked so hard to convey.

  6. I literally just watched The Black Conservatives video on this. I agree with his viewpoint in ASU was SOFT on them. If they claim ASU is "so violent," THEN LEAVE! How do these women not implode being so unhinged.

  7. These two and others alike are seriously delusional and they are sick in the head and they need professional help…I mean if a shirt, hat and a bag from a chicken establishment bothers them this much then they need to either stay inside by themselves….seriously enough is enough there is only about 3% of the population that act and think this way and instead of caving into them we need to stand up to them just like ASU did…we need to push back and shut them up once and for all…

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