WATCH: Bari Weiss Confronts Brian Stelter Over CNN’s Covid Lab Leak Theory Coverage in Tense Debate

WATCH: Bari Weiss Confronts Brian Stelter Over CNN’s Covid Lab Leak Theory Coverage in Tense Debate



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  1. We need some reporters like this up in canada. This was very refreshing to listen to a real person sharing honestly. I think we’re much further along the cancel culture craziness then the USA this country doesn’t even have premiers(similar to governor’s) who will stand up to any of the narrativesof it like some governors in the USA are pushing back the feeling is a strong sense of communism in the horizon or extreme socialism like we have never seen in the history of this country or the world as a whole. Our prime minister as it were has seeming sold out to a world socialism ‘own nothing /control’ agenda

  2. Stelter doesn't want to poke a woke bear. He half heartedly agrees the tryed shifting these people on Google reporting this stuff . But weiss doesn't let him off that easy.
    So dumb dumb Reliable sources Brian Stelter asked who is doing that sort of stuff?
    Well quite frankly CNN Brain .
    Stelter thought that interviewing a former New York times writer would be safe and under control of her former work . The same as he and everyone working in fake news.
    I loved how Weiss got a good word in about Trump by saying to take few weeks to do an
    op ed so instead it's easyer to write something about Trump's moral compass.
    In other words don't tell the truth about Trump you have to demonize him because the
    World has gone mad .
    If any of the corporate news said Trump was doing good you're fired .
    However now if you have been paying attention Kamala Harris has been nowhere since Biden said he was sending her to the border.
    Harris went to south America telling people not to come. Then she was caught hiring children
    actors for space camp.
    Then she was tested again with the settlers from europe and all they brought was death and disease . They took the natives land . They shouldn't be honored .
    The democrats are preparing her to take over soon .
    Biden has pissed off to many democrats and even favorable media are questioning him because of his polls.
    Democrats will put Harris in before Biden gets to jan 20/ 22. If his polls don't start going up .
    But his ability is out for all to see. Harris may be given the presidency and if the dems don't pull a fast one like say Hillary Clinton should be the first female president and Biden could fire Harris and Clinton can be Bidens choice. Doesn't throw that possably out because democrats know how to mix shit up.
    So 2024 Clinton the incumbent vs Trump the 45 th vs 47th in their second election .
    I could see it because Harris is the most unpresidential and Hillary would have no problem destroying Harris .The world has gone crazy all right .

  3. Saw this on Instagram, but searching it on Youtube the top hits are "Bari Weiss embarasses herself" and other maistream propaganda. The totalitarian system of the west is a big tech/media/government hybrid

  4. How could they let her on the show??
    Shes for freedom of speech and bring news that are true and not controlled?

    Everything CNN is against? Its best they going back lying, controllee mainstream media they are

  5. Thanks to this woman too bad they won’t listen they have more hate for Trump then reporting actual facts and how Americans really feel or think. This guy should be fired just like the rest of cnn and msnbc all they do is lie and push hate narratives so over it.

  6. BAM!!! HAHA!!! Awww, poor widdow Brian. Foiled again by one of his own. As for his question of, "Who stops the conversation?" all I can say is how soon the NPC's at CNN forget about Nick Sandmann and the $225 MILLION defamation lawsuit he, and his friends from Catholic school, won against CNN, MSNBC, Vox and other leftie opinion outlets. Next up will be the case that KYLE RITTENHOUSE files against all them after he's found not guilty. Widdle Brian might be out of a job when CNN is forced to file bankruptcy after all the lawsuits against them!

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