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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Joe Biden being booed at the 9/11 memorial and the hypocrisy of his vaccine mandate. Joe Biden is getting enormous amounts of backlash for his COVID vaccine mandate. While the Biden administration is resorting to force to deal with vaccine hesitancy to fight the Delta variant it was not long ago he was questioning the COVID 19 vaccine. Dave shares video of Kamala Harris, Dr. Fauci, and Joe Biden all being skeptical of the vaccine when it was under the Trump administration. Dave also questions why there is a vaccine mandate exemption for members of congress and their staff.

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Written by The Rubin Report

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  1. I just subscribed to The Rubin Report on YouTube because of what you said at the 7:50 mark in this video and the several seconds following it. Thank you Dave for bolstering my confidence to compassionately share my view and experience with family, coworkers and friends during this challenging time.

  2. Your point about two weeks to flatten the curve is well taken. It’s terrifying how fast the public has accepted this BS. Never in history have we tried to treat everyone and not focus on the ones who really need help.

  3. The fact that they lie on tape constantly and just ignore the footage later when shown is just disgusting and has gone on how long now. Typical new American aristocracy, there is a reckoning coming and hopefully soon, this is not freedom this is not America

  4. He can be booed all they want, He’s not the first. He’s already done way better than the last guy who promised Mexico would pay for the wall. Who paid for it? The taxpayers. Furthermore, Biden’s oratory unlike Trump’s, doesn’t get people killed and cause consternation and divisiveness.

  5. I must respond to people who compare this covid shot with other vaccines like measles or rubella….c'mon man ….that is apples and oranges. The other childhood vaccines were decades old, and this is the big part: THEY WORKED AS VACCINES, AND NO ONE WAS PUSHING THEM LIKE A DESPERATE TYRANNICAL DRUG DEALER DOWN YOUR THROAT. If you look up how long it took the traditional vaccines to be tested and approved for general use…..some of them took decades. NONE WERE APPROVED IN 6 months to a year. PLUS, the covid jab, provides some immunity, for a VERY SHORT TIME, continued boosters for the rest of your life???? We always had the choice of whether or not to get a flu shot….why don't we with covid? The flu shot and the covid shot will be alike because they will both need boosters every year….that is why the flu shot is very unpopular. The childhood vaccines are actually vaccines….covid and flu shot are marginal protection at best….can't really be defined as vaccine. A better name might be: Pfizer goldmines. Fuck anyone supporting this insanity…you will wallow in guilt as you age and history will be very unkind to you.

  6. Of course I can remember what life was like in January of 2020. I'm not an idiot. That's why I know exactly why right now in October 2021 I know how shity it is right now compared to how it was in January 2020. If you can't remember how good America was doing in January of 2020 compared to now then you really don't have a very good mind to begin with and you're easily swayed. Sheeple don't remember how different it was this is why they've been so easily swayed.

  7. Flip flop fraud fauci is at it again. The CDC and the FDA has already admitted that this is not a vaccine. It does not prevent you from catching anything. So what kind of herd immunity is he talkin about? They said flat-out less than two weeks ago that it may or may not prevent you from getting really bad symptoms. That is not what a vaccine does. They also announced that vaccinated and unvaccinated ,meaning the whole population, can easily spread it amongst each other. They also said children do not need to get vaccinated. The CDC and FDA also said there was no need for a third booster. So why is the White House and Pfizer pushing it? Because there are in each others pockets and they're making lots of money on this. It put two and two together people you can figure this out. All of this information is out there right out of the mouths of all these companies and the FDA and CDC though I don't trust the CDC very much. So look it up yourself. They're also saying now that under 30 years old most likely does not need to be vaccinated because this is where most of the medical condition such as myocarditis and pericarditis are coming from. As of last count there's about 1,300 cases in the us alone .Also they are refusing to accept or acknowledge anything about immunity coming from Catching the virus itself. Study after study has been showing that if you have covid and survived you have a high level of immunity that last longer than the vaccine. They all show that people who have covid have a 90 to 95% immunity. In fact study showed that the Pfizer vaccine only shows a 39% efficacy that's why they're pushing for a booster. Meanwhile Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are saying that they don't require a booster shot for their vaccines nor are they making a profit on them. Pfizer is now coming out with a pill that the sheeple will end up taking because they're convincing them it will prevent covid if they take it weekly. So what is their point of getting everybody quote-unquote vaccinated? It's all about compliance and making money. Fauci said in the summer of 2020 cuz I've seen it over and over that Americans love their freedom but they need to comply now and give in. It came out of his own mouth. This is all about control people. Stop giving into government control of your body. My body my choice.!

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