WATCH: Biden Totally Incoherent As He Tries To Save His Presidency From Inevitable FAILURE.


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


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  1. Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton. Barry Soetoro. After that line up, who thought the dems could come up with a worse President? Then along comes Joe.

    I guess that's the government you get when you don't recognize an election stolen right before your eyes.

  2. Did anyone else notice Biden say that people should "pay their fair share" Obama said that when he was President and guess what happened businesses left the United States? You can't lower the National Debt by raising taxes not only would taxing businesses more cut down on businesses hiring people but it wouldn't even reduce our 30 trillion dollar debt. Our government spends $4.829 trillion for the fiscal year if you taxed every business at 100% it would total $1.5 trillion not even close to covering the cost Biden is failing at math!

  3. My sophomore son asked me "how does the President get away with obvious lies when the truth has already been verified?
    "Do Democrats really support this guy?" and "why do their stories conflict all the t I me?" and " are there Americans who believe Democrat bullshit?!".

  4. The reason most of these worthless democrats will continue to vote for him, is because someone else is footing the bill. It's going to have to get extremely real to get these people back into reality. If you're supporting one of them, and they're an adult, Stop. Stop and let them see what they've cheered for and let them try to get some federal benefits as an American.

  5. His number one goal is inflation, he never lied . It was transitory at the beginning so we get used to it . Now he is going to put the pedal to the metal and do what a career politician does and spend taxpayers money. If he’s going down as the worst president he might as well be the best at it . His family and the dem leaders family are going to hear it two generations from now after they’ve relocated to Ukraine. What’s the old saying? The best time to buy land is when there is blood on the ground, something like that. At least they saved Americans billions of dollars on their time share . Yep , they’re dollars are going to stretch out longer there!

  6. Well it's nothing new. They bullshit all the time in the 'quality'-media and no one takes them accountable. That play between oligarch owned 'media' and oligarch owned 'politicians' is all it takes to control the vast majorities of the unsuspecting plebs. It's disgusting, once you've sussed them.

  7. It's incomprehensible that the left cannot understand what this administration has done and continues to do. His supporters are the primary example of the reason we should be tested for political knowledge in order to obtain a voting registration and voter's ID cards. I firmly believe that if you don't have a basic knowledge of the constitution, the Electoral College and it's function, or your current political policies and popular topics…you have no business voting at all!!!

  8. Yep! Keep pushing laissez faire! A capitalist economy doesn’t collapse! All depressions/recessions are the cause of government interference in the economy!

  9. When jimmy carter and George bush failed economically in their president, the American people voted theme out of office. I am afraid that the voters will not respond like that anymore and that is the sad fact!

  10. The Left’s position has been, well we can rob Americans blind and still have money in the piggy bank. Now because of their lockdowns and insane spending, the piggy bank is empty but they rob us anyway & laugh about it!

  11. I agree with you Hivemind, you just stated that You have Never Seen Such a DISHONEST Administration in your Entire Life! THE SOVEREIGN LORD SAYS, "I, ALMIGHTY GOD, WILL EXECUTE GREAT VENGEANCE ON THEM WITH FURIOUS REBUKES; AND THEY SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD, WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON THEM." (Ezekiel 25) These WORDS OF ALMIGHTY GOD Are Decreed And Released-Operating Throughout, Into The Democrats-Dnc, Biden-Harris-Regime, globalists, Soros, Obama, Rice, Schumer, Mark-Facebook And Everyone Who's connected-partnered, Also GOD Will CUT OFF Each of Their Money Supply! SWIFTLY! "From Eternity ToEternityIAMGOD. No One Can Oppose What I Do. No One Can REVERSEMYACTIONS. " (Isaiah43) I Trust And DEPEND on ALMIGHTYGOD'SJusticeFairnessHonestyAnd Truth To Continue To EXPOSE AND DESTROY ALL OF THESE EVIL, Cheating, CORRUPT, Wicked, Lying, Deceitful, AntiAmerican, Antichrist Rebels! "IF GOD IS FOR US HE IS MORE THAN THE WORLD AGAINST US." I Agree With ALMIGHTY GOD'S PLANS FOR AMERICA-ISRAEL-THE EARTH. I Decree And Declare IN JESUS NAME AND AUTHORITY ♦️

  12. There is a 3rd option as Trudeau said. "Money is free" so you could keep borrowing and printing because it's free. Then you use supply side economics. No, this is not the traditional Supply side economics. What they are proposing is that the government will supply everything you need. No need to ever worry you're pretty little head Regarding price or availability. The government will provide it. I am not kidding they actually stole the title of the theory, Supply side economics, And then slipped in their own theory. I am betting that they didn't even look up look up supply side economics in an economics textbook.

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