WATCH: “Biden Turned Me Into A Republican”!! Millions Of Voters ABANDON The Democrat Party!!


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  1. I honestly don't see the current Administration continuing to the end of their 4 year term. I think they'll be totally impeached and rendered into complete lame ducks.

  2. I do not have a big family, and I shop for 2.
    Prices have gone way up on food, gas electric and more. This doesn't even affect wealthy people that has been spending two or three or four $500 on groceries every week. It affects everyone wealthy people just don't feel it.

  3. These democrats are so ignorant as to what’s happening in the real world while they try to turn tri myth into lies and force the illegal immigrants children on families here in the usa

  4. This is coming from the people that think having kids is killing the earth because it’s contributing to climate change and think abortion up until birth is fine so of course they will mock people taking care of multiple kids.

  5. I will say kudos to the sign language interpreters for having to convey this bs to the hearing impaired, it must be hard knowing you are 'signing' the same lie in a different language.
    Edit: Grammar and changed "speaking" to "signing"

  6. Most of these liberals could not milk a cow raise animals for slaughter grow a garden. Who are they bullshitting. Buy a horse lib's most would be in casts by the first week. Fish most would starve.

  7. The amount of people I saw Trump turn republican was staggering and one of the many reasons I don't believe the "election" results. I didn't think it was possible but Biden is turning even more people republican than Trump did. And I'll go ahead and guess Biden gets "90 million votes" in 2024 to make up for this

  8. The same compassionate liberals that rail and rend garments over limiting abortion rights are the same people taking to Twitter to mock a couple who adopted 6 kids and are fostering a 7th. At least the compassionate lefties are consistent about their disdain for human life

  9. Here in the UK i refused to register to vote. They even sent me a letter saying I am legally required to at least tell them if im eligible to register to vote. Bin!

    Theres only one politician who gets my vote, and hes an American.

    Let's go Brandon ✌️🧐✌️

  10. I don't believe a word of this shit……checks in the mail….I love you….and I won't come in your mouth….lies… about this Russia Russia Russia Russia lies lies lies lies Russia Russia Russia Russia lies lies lies

  11. Oh, it's a Hell of a lot bigger than it seems. You see, people who switch parties VOTE. The vast majority of registered voters, especially among Democrats BIG TIME do not vote. But if you put in the effort to switch parties, it is because you WANT to vote for that party (or at least against the one you left). Which means the Democrats didn't just lose millions of supporters (most of whom probably never voted, but donated money and word of mouth), their opponents GAINED millions of actual votes.

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