WATCH: Black Voters WANT TRUMP Desperately As Joe Fails On ALL FRONTS!


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  1. Yep, he warned about everything and President Trump was right. What in the world were people thinking when voting for Biden? Why do I have to suffer with them? Also, I think that the elction was rigged in the swing votes, with the help of RINOs. The RINOs and Democrats illegally changed the voting laws within several states, helping each other to get rid of Trump. They are the cause to where we are now, especially the Democrats, that destroyed the economy by shutting theirs' down in the first place.

    Bahrr is part of the swamp and lied about things. I think he did find things about the 2020 election and did nothing. He did not go after Clinton and so forth because he is part of the swamp.

  2. That’s what they get . I have been called a coon and sellout because I supported him. Now I’m laughing 😂 at them. People need to think for themselves!

  3. The only problem we will have if republicans get in office are rinos… those who are snakes in the grass… I don’t trust either side because they both have failed us.

  4. Well folks, If you voted for Brandon or you didn't bother to vote at all ……you got what you asked for. As my Dad once told me – "If you're looking for sympathy, it's in the dictionary between Sh*t and Syphilis!

  5. Joe Biden DID NOT run as a "moderate consensus candidate" at all. He waffled on some stuff, but he openly supported several high-profile far-left progressive ideas during his campaign. Maybe he didn't reveal everything, but he was telling people who he'd be in office. They just weren't listening.

  6. I am from Germany and even I hope the Republicans win the next elections. Although Trump is a disaster in international politics especially for the EU and for fighting the climate problems I believe the Democrats are ruining the United States and leading them directly into "Idiocracy". And when the US is going down, the rest of the western world is going with it.

  7. Good old Jackass Joe. You gotta love the guy. HAHAHAHA.
    You know I said it in 2019 that it would be good to have Biden in there for just 1 year, just so the people could see how messed up the Dems are. Well they have proved themselves, now enough is enough.

  8. Where the Democrats really screwed up, was when they put Biden in for President. You see, Biden isn't intelligent enough to cover and carry the democrats in all of their crimes. Obama was smooth enough to hide their nefarious ways. Now they are all being exposed and this just might be the Administration that will finally get the Black voters to stop sabatoging themselves by voting for more Democrats.

  9. Even now polls have at least half of blacks still supporting Brandon. 90% of blacks voted for him in 2020 even after he insulted them by saying "If you're having trouble figuring out whether you're for me or Trump then you ain't black."

  10. Kinda lame to sit and point at people because of the color of skin saying that even this color person thinks…. I’m kinda turned off by this and understand that it’s lame to single anyone out for the wrong reason it’s almost throwing shade at”black people” which is a brain washing tactic also to call something that it isn’t.

  11. Joe Biden And Justin Trudeau Are Both WEF Puppets . Trudeau And Biden With The Guidance Of The WEF Are Taking Us Down The Toilet Quickly With The Help Of George Soros And Bill Gates .

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