Watch Buttigieg’s Face When He’s Told How Much Electricity EVs Really Use | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about GOP Rep. Thomas Massie laying out the facts of electric car energy usage to a stunned Pete Buttigieg.


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  1. EV prices won't go down. It's not like a TV. EVs need to strip the earth of precious minerals to produce the battery, the most expensive component.

    The cost of batteries will not go down enough to bring the EV price down substantially.

  2. I love when people push electric vehicles. Electric vehicles cause a lot of pollution. Where do people think electricity comes from, typically coal. Where do all the materials that are used to manufacture the products that are used in EVs come from, they have to be harvested. Then the materials have to be processed. Then those items that wear out over time such as the battery which will need to be replaces and the old one disposed of. So we have to produce more electricity, harvest the materials, manufacture the items, and then dispose of those those items that need to be replaced. How much pollution are we going to reduce. The EV is in some ways a big fat lie that the politicians have sunk a lot of time and money into; therefore, EVs have to succeed no matter what it costs. The big oil companies control the gas prices to some degree so instead of big oil companies, we would have big electric companies controlling the kilowatt hour. How will this help people because the killowatt hour price will go up to the point where no one will be able to afford anything.

    There is a youtube video about the Carbon Footprint lie that BP put out. I highly suggest that people search for it and the really listen to what the person is saying.

  3. He has no private sector experience, never started a business never signed a pay check never ran any company for any length of successful time. Pete Butticheck gay electric fantasy, shove it.

  4. The American national electrical grid is NOT capable of sustaining EV charging AND normal home/industry electrical needs. Wind and solar generation will NEVER be able to produce as much as 20% of our national electricity generation. It's just a matter of physics, not some crazy ass leftist's idea of science.

  5. These are the same "experts" who had the brilliant idea of locking down the entire economy for months/years without worrying or even caring about the economic consequences, or the massive disruptions to our supply chains. These "experts" couldn't change a f ing flat tire or grow a single radish. Absolute hubris.

  6. I treated EV as an alternative to ICE for comfort, performance and free from harmful carbon monoxide fume for enclosed space, not to “save” the environment. Greenhouse emission is just a scam for carbon offset investors to become rich by taking the money away from the poor and the middle class to billionaire “environmentalist”

  7. Because energy isn’t free and it’s still going to be produced in a free way. It’s a joke. It takes almost the exact same production from the electric company. And no other country has figured this out. He’s an idiot and doesn’t understand how energy works.

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