WATCH: Chilling Video Of Pentagon’s CIVILIAN Drone Strike | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar comment on the new video showing a US drone strike killing a family of innocent civilians in Afghanistan that the Pentagon tried to cover up

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  1. The greatest threat to world peace is the US Empire. So long as people keep voting for the Democratic Party and Republican Party, nothing will fundamentally change politically or economically for most Americans. If people want progressive change then they have to vote for new ideas, candidates, and political parties. There also needs to be massive strikes and protests. #DemExit #GOPExit #PeoplesParty #GreenParty

  2. A certain amount of collateral damage — that is, unintended human deaths — is unavoidable in the conduct of war, especially in the modern era of asymmetric warfare wherein jihadis hide among civilian non-combatants. Every death of an innocent is a tragedy. And there is a greater detachment from the human toll when using remote drone strikes. All of that said, there obviously were multiple screw-ups involved in this particular strike and its aftermath–at both the military and political levels. These retaliatory strikes must be approved by senior civilian leadership, especially in high-profile situations such ad this one. Clearly the pressure to retaliate quickly in the aftermath of the president's public relations debacle at the Kabul airport played a role, and the White House's silence after it was obvious we had killed an innocent family and not ISIS militants speaks volumes as to the political leadership's involvement.

  3. Is this worse than pfizer wanting to wait 75 years before they release safety information they use to get the vaccines approved? At least theyre transparent about this one

  4. We need to convene a convention of states and use it to create an oversight institution that has punitive abilities for our military. Cops have civilian oversite boards, the military needs the equivalent. The deep state is too entrenched, we need to flex our collective political muscle and a convention of states is the most effective path forward.

  5. Obama did this while I was in Afghanistan. The president of Pakastan wasn't playing ball so he signed orders to drop hellfire missiles on a hospital full of women and children, in Pakistan, a country we weren't even at war with and had no reason to engage.

  6. After the Assanges of the world are eradicated, they'll go about targeting journalists like the one who obtained footage of the victim going about his day. That's the next frontier. It's mechanistic. It's deterministic.

  7. The US military is the biggest terrorist organization on the planet. No one matches their kill numbers among civilians. I feel sorry for how these kids are being used.

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