Watch CNN Host’s Face as Janet Yellen Changes the Definition of Recession | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd grilling Janet Yellen over her attempts to redefine an economic recession as whatever the National Bureau of Economic Research says it is.


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  1. Well, when they have been calling people stupid and ignorant for saying their bs is going to cause and result in massive inflation and recession and then that's exactly what happens, they have to do everything they can, including outright denial and redefinition, to try to avoid being exposed for the stupid and ignorant frauds THEY are.

  2. Dave Rubin is so LAZY he and his team can't even properly label Meet The Press as an NBC show. He doesn't care. The lame stream media are all the same anyway right? Then again Rubin with his little media gaffe show isn't exactly the pinnacle of ambition.

  3. Ahhh… The bureau of faceless bureaucrats decides whether there's a recession … Depending on whether it's useful for the politicians behind them to be in one or not.

  4. I don’t listen to the so called experts the government put out there. I’m able to understand what the numbers mean without their attempt to skew the true meaning. We are already in a recession no matter what they say.

  5. There is no recession
    You werent forced to take the jab
    There is no definition of a woman
    Cash money isnt good for you
    Climate change is really happening
    Brandon is very smart and sane
    Defunding the police wont hurt you
    There is no inflation
    Economy is very strong
    When u get the jab you cant contract it anymore and also cant transmit it to others
    There are no side effects to the jab
    Communism is good

  6. Not only are we in a recession but I would bet that we eventually find out that these jobs they are adding is BS too. They probably simply aren't counting the lost jobs. Regardless of that, these new jobs don't actually offset the illegal immigration. We are actually down jobs when you look at the amount the labor pool has grown.

  7. Yes you are right Dave. Janet does indeed bear a striking resemblance to Lemonhead! I remember decades ago when I was a wee nipper bond trader employed by a big bank and without the dubious benefit of having any screens in front of us on our desks we would watch the Dow Jones ticker tape for comments by Yellen. I told my crew Janet was always yellin' about something or other! Geez old economists never die but hang in way, way past a decent retirement age.

  8. You could tell by the change of expression that he knew she was shoveling cow pies but he knew he is obligated to support and promote her lies or be punished by the democrat party while knowing that the people watching know the difference and would know she was lying and that he was going to be stuck in the putrid middle.

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