WATCH: Deranged LUNATICS At ABC’s “The View” Call For Tucker Carlson’s ARREST! This Is INSANE.


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  1. someone should suggest the view are russian stooges.
    what i wrote is propaganda. the biden administration is paying me money to spread misinformation about journalists and russia. i have seen video evidence of trump fighting with the russian troops invading ukraine also if you want to go fight for ukraine you MAY be used as a meat shield so nato can charge putin for war crimes. putin is using his older stuff. he seems to be waiting for something. maybe for china to invade taiwan, and if china invades taiwan, do you thin that biden will impose sanctions on chinese goods? what isn't made in china? america no longer exports anything. it did for a while. alternative energy sources are not viable now because they are not refined. plan is rise up gas, reintroduce covaids, reintroduce, jab 4 start ww3 the have a cashless society they create a technocracy. you will be chipped locked in your room and stuck in meta gain social credit scores all the while being raped. because we will all be techno slaves.

  2. I've said it before…The View has done/is doing unbelievable damage to women across this country by spouting off DemocRAT lies and propaganda to a demographic who may not watch the actual news, but take everything these lunatics say as the gospel…

  3. No, Whoopi, you're the ones turning in communists not us. Russia and China have the leftists/Democrats in their pockets. Even they said it themselves.

  4. Someone tell that walking waste of carbon that it's not the right who have family on the board of foreign governments energy companies, or sell our uranium to our foes. Pretty much anything they accuse the right of doing, you can assume the left is actually doing.

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