WATCH: Don Lemon’s IDIOTIC Take On CRT! Like Usual, He Has NO IDEA What He’s Saying.


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. How many black slave owners sold their own people into slavery? The colonists didn't just go to Africa and steal people. Lets talk about that.

  2. Don Lemon is not stupid and understands exactly what he is saying! If he wants to continue to get paid and stay in the club he'd better do and say what he is told! He's sold out as many have or is so deep in shit it would cost him or someone close to him the most anyone can give and most of you understand what I am saying! The only thing that is going to save us is ourselves and I mean the people! There has to be pushback by the people to stop the madness and I believe it's happening and it's happening with Black folks!

  3. Family came from Poland, my grandparents know what this really is. They have seen it from those WWII bad guys who wished to eliminate an entire people. It was propaganda then, and it is propaganda now. They got the people brainwashed enough to do some of the work for them.

  4. Yes it does. CRT has has everything to do with abolition in 2021 eyes. CRT says all white privilege is bad and torn down. Well Abe Lincoln used his white privail

  5. I love this narrative that every one right of the far left is a bible thumping right winger it's beyond delusional. The framing here should be enough to wake everyone up. But alas the laziness of the American people will "win out"

  6. CRTs' sole purpose is to sow the seeds of division to bring about another civil war, culminating in U.N. troops being deployed right here in the U.S. The U.N., will only make a bad situation even worse, regardless of what anyone else might think…

  7. Cuomo : "Don't you want your kids to have dignity, and be taught what the abolitionists did? "
    Me : My children do NOT need to pass your "tests" in order to have dignity. YOU do NOT get to decide that. My children are well aware of what the abolitionists did. I do NOT want Slavers/Democrats to tell the story of abolitionists/Republicans.