WATCH: Donald Trump ROASTS General Milley Infront Of LIVE CROWD!!! Do You MISS HIM YET?!


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  1. Trump is not perfect, but damn…America was rising from the ashes and starting to make gains when he was in. Now we have some senile old puppet geezer that craps his pants and blows his colon in front of dignitaries and foreign leaders.

  2. You do know the one Biden with the CNN background was the stunt double listen to his voice and energy.His ears are also bigger. Pay careful attention as they will use the double when Joe is under the weather and when he dies.

  3. I honestly don't think anyone believed we were going to cure cancer under Biden watch. While I am a H.U.G.E conspiracy theorist nut, even I don't believe the medical community has the cure and is hiding it. I DO believe they (Big Pharma) is NOT doing everything it can to find a cure. All the cancer treatment plans are way too profitable for them.(Big Pharma) to readily give that up.

    When I bring up more deaths due to "COVID" under Biden's watch, than under President Trump's watch, most Dems point out the lock downs. The Dems say the lockdowns, which President Trump's was against saved more than enough life's to make up the difference. I point out the numbers that show look downs how little effect, and they point out the W.H.O and the C.D.C. result show the opposite (I asked who paid for the research and they claim that is just a conspiracy). I also point out the states that had (or have) the most stringent look downs also on the highest case rates. There counter is because the states with the most stringent lock down also have the highest population (case rate be damn). I point out Florida, which has the oldest average age population has the lowest case rates, and had one of the least stringent lock downs.

    I would have had General.Millie explain how leaving almost bran new, not quite our most advanced equipment (if you really think we had our most advanced equipment, then you don't understand military tactics. And if we did have our most advanced equipment in A.F
    And didn't get it put or totally understand destroy it, the military leaders should be court marshalled. But I have not seen anything to indicate it was out most advanced military hard / soft ware) is cheaper. The General may have been referring to cheaper in terms of service members lives
    Is a Sailor, Soldier, Airmen or Marine's life worth a pair of night vision goggles? O.K. I exaggerated a bit more like an attack helo, or something along that lines. Conservatives always got upset when President Trump's was taken put of context and made to be something he is not. While I question Millie leadership and command abilities, more because I believe he is more a politician then a military leader.

    The first two paragraphs, at least to me, underline why I am not so confident in this red tsunami alot of conservative are talking about. It seems to me, American's attention span is short. Once the campaign for 2022 starts in full swing, and the main stream and social media starts covering for the Dems again (remember Speaker Poliski line about how the media could be doing a better job of selling the American people Biden's agenda), the tide will turn. Republicans will pick up a few seats, bit no where near the 40 plus I have been hearing talking Republicans heads Crow about. Bit then again, I am live in the very blue blood state of Maryland. Their governor my have an R after his name, but that is about the only Republican thing about him.

  4. I'm going to be curious to see what the mainstream citizens do when in 2024 they steal another election. If
    It worked once why not twice? The Democrats don't have an honest bone in their body or a original thought. Keep that in mind

  5. President Trump spoke his mind of what he thought all the time, all the snow flacks that got thier feelings hurt couldn't handle his transparency, it hurt thier wittle feelings, they got but hurt because they didn't hear what they wanted to hear. Good ole pissy pants will just tell them what they want to hear and then piss on everyday Americans. Trump put AMERICANS FIRST, with pissy pants, AMERICANS ARE LAST!! 🤔 HMMMM i would have a mean tweet over being pissed on by biden any day of the year. I can't wait until Trump can tell pissy pants joe….. " YOUR FIRED" That's what I want to see 😄😄 i want Trump to deliver that message for US THE PEOPLE!!!

  6. Straight shooting
    Scranton Joe?? As the dead pile up Straight talking Prez Mushhead and Prez Fauci are in full control with No Mean Tweets! If President Trump wasn't fighting two bogus impeachment, he could've drained the SWAMP completely!

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