WATCH: Hunter Biden films himself weighing his ‘crack’

A new leaked video of Hunter Biden shows the president’s son filming himself with a cigarette in his mouth as he weighs a mystery powder on a scale which social media users have dubbed as “crack”, a nod to his well documented drug history.


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  1. ADDICTION is ugly….. and hard on families.
    He needs rehab. Next topic please. It's ridiculous that this is news worthy??? He's not on staff in the white house….. sooooo who cares????

  2. The only reason these type of videos get out to the public is because they want it to get out ro the public.
    Everything is a big script that everyone apart from the 99% peasants are acting in.
    Know your enemies they play on both sides. Jewish wizards doing what they do best

  3. And he is still the president biden hahahahha what a shame on americans ! history will talk about alot more than pyramids hahaha shame shame shame …no balls to kick him out .secretary lesbian son and daughters freaks and the father is a robot hahahhahahah

  4. What the actually F… did I just watch… you truly don't give a Duck. No one should rule a country if you can't even rule your house, how are you supposed to lead a nation if you can not even lead your family.

  5. Dont let this distract you from the hundreds of thousands of politicians and Hollywood actors who got away scott free off of the maxwell trial list…. just remember they are releasing this to distract you… but from what?

  6. Our current Premier Doug Ford, son of a privileged family, is the brother of our former premier who was a well-known crack head and giant laughing stock here in Canada. Odd how the brother ends up being the next premier. It's not what you do, it's who you are and who you know it seems.

  7. Remove Biden from power, this is an insult to the rule of law and all those who have ever been convicted because of crack cocaine. Double standards. Boooooooooooooooooooo…

  8. "aT lEaSt hE iSn'T tRuMp!!!"
    cries in crippling student loans
    inflation and taxes shooting higher than ever before
    gas prices expected to triple if Biden is re-elected

  9. Im just mad they didn’t publicize any of this until it was to late and play it off because it didn’t fit there agenda… if this was trump JR you wouldn’t hear the end of it but this is just crazy….

  10. Its funny yet sad how the whole media convicted and condemned trump for YEARS about a completely made up Russian collusion scandal. While the bidens were provably doing corrupt things & business dealings with China, Ukraine & others. & It's completely ignored. Laptop ignored. They have a decent candidate (Bernie) and a good respectable candidate (Tulsi) yet they choose the 2 most disliked candidates for office. Google literally completely suppressed Tulsi, shut all her stuff down at the absolute most critical times, with NO EXPLANATION GIVEN. Beyond corrupt and disgusting, & like always no one's held accountable. & Kamala had the worst ratings ever, like 7%. & Biden wasn't a whole lot better. That's one of many ways you know the elections aren't real and "democracy" is a complete sham, illusion, lie. We "elect" people we "want" in office, aka pretend to pick the lesser of the 2 evils that the establishment put forward. Then they do whatever the fuck they want with no oversight or accountability. If it was actually a democracy (ya know, the word no where to be found in the bill of rights) we would get to vote on the bills and issues & what not.
    China and Russia pretty much suck but at least they're straight up about their tyranny. Our leaders are pathetic lying cowards that just enrich themselves and steal all our hard earned tax dollars by laundering it through purely fabricated proxy wars. that are not only stealing our money, are just to steal other countries resources & in the last century especially, opium. & Send our kids to die in their selfish conflicts whilst theirs goes to ivy league schools learning real knowledge, that's purposely kept out of our curriculum. while sitting on their asses drinking expensive scotch, buying assets, & LEGALLY insider trading.
    We spend the first & most important 2 decades of our lives learning filler useless unappliable bullshit, just enough to be their shit shovelers, but not enough to critically think to ask questions. let alone start a business, about credit, hell even know how to do our f**king taxes.
    It'd be unbelievable if I didn't know for certain among a 1000 other things are fact.
    Also Its unfortunate so many elites are on the woke culture side and not the common sense/decency side. & That republicans or another party haven't purchased more media outlets. I'm not on either side, or in the middle. It's all dog and pony, bread and circus bullshit. Most of them are friends with each other, while doing all they can to divide us & make us weak so we can't realize our true power or strength in being together, united, against the tyranny, that is only going to get worse, at much faster rates.

    Knowledge is power.. build discipline to be able to ignore the distractions, as they're only getting better, faster than we can adjust. Same with tech advancement. & don't use curated manipulated full of bs Google, use brave browser for anything that matters. Or anything at all really, it doesn't steal all your data. As does Facebook, at a far better rate than others, because it's the government. Look up lifelog, & look at the date it "ended" & the date Facebook started.

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