Watch in full: Peta Credlin investigates ‘The Cult of Daniel Andrews’

A Peta Credlin investigation explores the motivations behind the Victorian Premier’s rise to power and his leadership of the state.


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  1. For our upcoming State election I pray and hope for the best but expect the worst.
    I still cant fathom why and how Dangerous Dictator Dan got re-elected last time. I believe that if he gets back in we will see scenes on the streets of Victoria that we only associate with overseas.

  2. Another of Klaus Schwabs bought and paid for politicians of the world. Schwabs' words, not mine. In fact when Klaus Schwab thought his Great Reset was past the post during covids world wide lock downs, (weve learned hat the worst tyrannts like this thing you have in Victoria) most if not ALL world leaders are bought and owned by Schwab and his World Economic Forum billionaires, so Schwab crowed that he owns these leaders, who he named, Trudeau and HALF of his cabinet being among them, horsey Jacinda Ardern the Kiwi commie, Macron from France, the ex Italian PM, the Venezualan strongman, another elected by Dominion machine, who his predecessor had manufactured to ensure his life long Presidentship (Fortunately he died of cancer) the machines were gobbled up by the world Govts who are secretely part of this cabal intent on ruling the planet, like some James Bond arch villains. They want a One world Govt, Police force, do away with middle class owning a business, so they dont want shops in your city they want huge KMart like places that sell everything, OWNED BY THEM of course. If unaware, RESEARCH what they havent censored and learn the sickening truth and reality like I did. We cant take these aerosoles any longer. Next years Kiwi elections, She's On Her Commie Bike, or is that a Rickshaw, and I hope she eventually gets arrested along with all the other traitors i mentioned. Klaus Schwab started 'Flexing too soon, he had already named names on his team and their plan to vax the entire world fell through because of he outrageous side affects experienced globally before they had not nearly enough suckers to take the injection, so the word was out. Ill betya ALL those named are real dirty on Schwab for that Faux Pas, EXPOSED AEROSOLES!
    Lets Go Lucinda

  3. Thanks for exposing the truth Peta. Corruption, power and democracy, clearly don't mix. Victorians need to wake up from the fear based Stockholm syndrome they are suffering from. Vote Dictator Dan out of office and hold public officials accountable!

  4. Who set up the fake "Sack Daniel Andrews Party?? Why do all the preferences go to Labor / Damniel Andrews?/ Is this a set up by this low life to collect votes under false pretences???

  5. shame an election is the only way a member of parliament can be sacked when the entire state is not satisfied with their performance in fact why is their a vote of no confidedence for the public this system needs to change.

  6. He became airborne, after someone grabbed him and threw him down those stairs! Lots of interesting speculation as to the motive, but it suggests he would've had a lot to explain to his family afterwards. The truth will emerge eventually Dan!

  7. There's a lot of vote buying going on in the Saigon Vietnamese community here in Melbourne. Tonne of corruption, it's been going on for a long time now.

    You know what is funny, Vietnamese people from Vietnam tend to vote Liberal, Saigon Vietnamese who fled the war, tend to vote Labor. It's really weird.

  8. Chemicals that cause cancer, even the DOD claims for the toxic chemicals they used. Why did Firefighter rolled over, to be forced to take an emergency use injection just like the SES which doesn't stop infection or lessen the effects of the virus cold/flu. You all let him get away with it instead a standing up to DAs BS.

  9. Another witch hunt from Sky didn’t mention the guy got $80k & said he was very happy (2013) then comes out with this in an election Campaign shame on you Credlin No Credibility & No Consequences Rubbish to you

  10. The problem with Austrailian "police" is they're not police they are Satanic Free Masonic Gestapo AKA thugs worse than the Mafia their agenda is connivied and fabricated in the masonic lodge's, the phone call would have been made by a masonic footsoldier to a senior mason and his instructions would've been obeyed by the thug's at the scene, how do they get away with it ? easy the whole of the "judicial" system are the secret society of Satanic FREE MASONRY the Devil's disciples.

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