Watch Joe Biden Change His Mind On Every Major Issue

Joe Biden has changed his mind on just about every topic during the 50 years he has been a politician.

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  1. Hes just a mindless little puppet who's always done what he's told. Unfortunately somehow this idiot who can't even read the speeches given to him is the puppet they chose to lead the country so that the people who are really pulling the stings can do whatever they want.

  2. We need his crack smoking, prostitute using son as President next…he can marry Chelsea Clinton, and they can have all opponents killed…Clinton/Biden II….I smell Hollywood sucking up to them as a sequel already

  3. The evidence is right here, this man doesn't stand for anything only. He switches his beliefs on what he believes will get him the votes. I have family members that voted for him, they're good people but they only vote for him cause he is a democrat. This has opened my eyes on how the media can persuade people based on what they consume.

  4. Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election. It is statistically impossible for him to pull ahead in every swing state that he was losing at the exact same time" 330 to 4:30 a.m. It's also statistically impossible the impossible that 90% of those votes counted at that time had no down ballot, votes on ballot voting. Also during the audits in GA, AZ & WI (county levels re-counts), they've found those votes cast at that time were computer printed because the squares were perfectly filled at for Joe Biden. It's also too statically impossible for Pennsylvania to have sent out 1.2M mail-in ballots and count 2.7M mail-in ballots.

  5. Who’s gonna take the shot ? Would You ? This coming from the dementia patient that attracts protesters, not supporters. Pay attention Democrats, (if you can) he will be responsible for Trump returning to the Oval Office.

  6. Wow…..when put together like this …you really really really see Biden's BulCrap. This is why I hate Dems….they will say anything to get money. If the issue is smelly socks!???"Folks…we gotta do someting about smelly socks…….ok…pay me…."

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