WATCH: Lawyer Stella Assange, wife of Julian, interviewed by David Miranda [LEGENDADO EM PORTUGUÊS]


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On Tuesday in Brazil, the country celebrated Press Freedom Day. Assange has become a national hero in Brazil, with politicians across the spectrum urging his freedom and condemning the ongoing US/UK attempt to imprison him for life under the Espionage Act. My husband David Miranda, a member of the Brazilian Congress, spoke to Assange’s wife about the recent developments in the case, what people are the world can do to help Assange, and the toll it has taken on his health and his family.

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Is there any way to begin to prosecute war crimes proven by Assange's work? If we could get Bush, or Hilary or even a lower down war criminal, then perhaps Julian's freedom could be become a bargaining chip somehow?

  2. Another idea. Can some of these supporting journalists become a kind of hydra? Can we get a decentralised whistle-blower platform so that nobody can be identified? Can we create such a mechanism so that whatever they do with Julian, it becomes utterly futile. It may not help Julian directly, but it will help prevent this in future

  3. What has been done and IS about to be done to Julian Assange is brutal, a nightmare from a dystopian world. I lived under a fascist regime until I was 17, I recognise the crackdown of fascism on anyone who dares to disobey their dogmas. Free Julian Assange.

  4. Doing Gods work, Glenn

    I want to become an independent Journalist here in Australia but I don’t know where to start and I’d like a mentor.

  5. Best thing about this interview is noticing that David left the socialist party for the liberty party. I never understood how someone married to Glenn could be part of the problem. Socialism is just another abusive power structure that happens to have better PR then most.( the problems people) good to see there's a "liberty" party in BR. The world needs one of those.

  6. MSM is silent! They're in bed with the permanent State! Isn't it funny that Snowden had to flee to Russia the only place the US can't get at! If my Country Germany had granted Julian asylum within ten minutes the US would have kidnapped him with no consequences!

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