WATCH: Texas Congressman CONFRONTS Biden Official With Biden MEMES!!!!


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  1. A little kid knows how to ride a bicycle by far better than the thing in the White House. I feel that I'm insulting kids by comparing them to the fool in the White House.

  2. Apparently, by his own testimony, Pete Buttigieg has only worked for some really old and feeble and brain-fried bosses if Joe Biden is the best of them all.

  3. This Government Parasite was a lousy Mayor and is a lousy Biden Lackey. Lousy Transportation Secretary. Liar. Such a Horrendous Impersonation of a political party. Look at the shape America is in. All 3 branches are Democrats. You have Done This to America. AWAKENING IS COMING!

  4. Petee says “i didnt hear the question” sure he didnt. He wouldnt stop kissing Joe Biden butt while he had a chance to. The public sees through that bull and him acting tough will never work. We know how he lives, he probably was wearing pink socks and a training bra there

  5. I love the state of Texas I love here being in Florida North Florida anyway I lived in Texas back in the 80s and I loved that place didn't matter whether you're rich or poor you were treated with respect nowadays all hell is broke loose in Texas that we can blame our government for what's going on not local government Federal government for what's going on I hope Texas gets more buses and loads every damn one of them up with the illegals that are bad that are evil not the good ones just the bad ones and send them to the White House

  6. Would turrets be a issue, outbursts like that with jibberish that follows, sounds as possibly an option to be checked out for. His wife is so engrossed in the money, that she doesn't care at all of her husband or child. Both are deceptive, which her ignorance, but all knowing, of everything they do, she hides. Sad woman to do that to the masses of people, who didn't need this country destroyed. This is the home of millions of patriots, who have worked hard to make the higher ups billionaires that is now wanting the world depopulated of humankind. In all countries. Unite

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