Watch this. See how much you remember.

The mainstream media narrative, for some time now, has been focused on ‘rebuilding trust’ between Victoria Police and the public. All footage used in this video was shot by MG (Apart from the Channel 7 clips).

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This channel does not aim to be a source of information or planning regarding protests or demonstrations. Our responsibility is to bring coverage when Mainstream Media refuse to do so.

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0:00 Intro
1:55 We had a CURFEW. Remember?
3:59 They need MORE police apparently
5:03 First MASSIVE protest

Written by Melbourne Ground


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  2. 51 seconds on vid shows how clean the stairs were and the next day MSM show rubbish all over them, not only did they lie they disrespected our fallen and service men and women by vandalising the Shrine, lock them up.

  3. They were bastards we need to bring all officers senior and scum ranks to justice to face the courts for their flagrant disregard of the actual law. When I think Vic Pol I think disgusting disgrace enemy of ordinary citizens!

  4. Once upon a time some sheep thought they were clever & believed they could take control of the farm. The big bosses of the farm had already fleeced the sheep & had money. The bosses used the money they'd fleeced off the sheep to enlist a big fat group of armed thugs & unleashed them on the rowdy sheep. There were some scuffles as the sheep were deflected & ordered back into their pens. The sheep have been programmed since birth to NEVER USE FORCE & that concept is stuck in their heads. Because this is so, the big bosses know they can unleash force on the poor dopey sheep & control them any time the sheep resist total control & the sheep will never fight back.
    The poor sheep trust in a god who never shows up to help them. The sheep will actually charge at you & trample you if you mention this to them. It would seem that their god made them sheep so they could be herded & fleeced. The sheep make all sorts of noises that disturb the big bosses, so the big bosses send in the armed thugs. The sheep never win.
    Poor sheep.

  5. it's all about money gov and there puppets thieves coming for your wealth this is globaly organised theft of wealth if public using police to deceive world that still in control of law and order and that they serve protect the public is now huge deception it's about money they started on all,protests first your next speed ticket going empty your banks too gov stealing money there is deception in policing they using private business abn they no longer control by gov no,private business is allowed to be law order under federal laws we being deceived police disbanded and they are terrorists more money in crime police finely turned into terrorists to steal everything you do crime they take everything call it proceed of crime this includes your kids be aware police are now recognised by global gov are now branded a terrorist organisations

  6. governments on globe now declared police in Australian as terrorist this is fact and its been hidden from aust public how usa gov thinks ausy police are terrorists there is global arrest for any aust police found out of Australia this fact our gov hiding from public usa gov declared such claims

  7. Dirty scum in uniform, never to be trusted again, like the media. Crooks in uniform. Andrews the basturd and his independant cronies will do everything to make people forget leading up to election time. Don't forget.

  8. When the police commissioner is a politicians "rent-boy", and members of the "force" at his disposal follow orders without question or regard to our civil rights, we don't need more of them, but fewer! In fact, sack the lot, and employ people with the ability to question their unlawful orders.

  9. When police treat citizens like the occupied in their own country, it's time for citizens to tear it all down and start over with a government that represents them and not the "elites".

  10. Can't ever forget it and all the other brutal incidents that happened _ the guy getting his head slammed on the ground at flinders st station in Melbourne, Australia was absolute B.S!!! Scenes of nurses silently protesting in the park in Melbourne as well for their jobs, but I remember good things too, like the people that turned out day after day (and night) on the steps of Parliament in Melbourne also doing nothing wrong and being hounded by Dan's vicpol for daring to make a stand. It's all etched in my memory

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