WATCH: Thousands Protest Covid-19 ‘Tyranny’ In Melbourne | Cobrapost

@Cobrapost A massive protest against the Pandemic Bill in Melbourne saw some bizarre conspiracy theories touted by the crowd.
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  1. Why? Because the government are forcing everyone to receive experimental untrialled medical treatment against a flu virus with 0.003% mortality rate! He's also not letting anyone work or claim social benefits without the jab!

    Why do you think?

    “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” 
    ― Kurt Cobain
    If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.” 
    ―  Albert Einstein

  3. Wish the police , media and doctors were holding up banners and shouting out loud " sack Dan Andrews " !
    They are responsible for the mess we're in and by being silent they became complicit .
    The people are sending loud , clear , very serious messages – STEP ASIDE DANIEL ANDREWS , YOU'RE NOT WANTED IN ANY CAPACITY

  4. It cheers me up to see people slowly waking up to the tyranny around the world, your health is the last thing on your governments thought, it's total control. get off your ass and get out there to the next one near you, your whole free living is at stake.

  5. Even Victorian children🙋 know that 👹 Hilter Dan must be sacked NOW.
    Declare a pandemic for unlimited time and could see rulebreakers JAILED for 2 years and fined up to $454,350 All government to apply lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

  6. Psychos! You’re against Vaccination!? Okay, but why without mask!??? Very bad thing!!

    Sometimes I feel like such pandemics occur to clear out such dumb ppl and some brains we have to loose for such ppl! Anyways only strongest survives in the jungle remember!?

  7. How can people be so dumb. Double vaccinate yourself so that you and people around are safe. The argument of my body my will doesn't won't work here. Handle all the legal prosecution if someone dies because of covid. You'll all be held responsible for not vaccinating yourselves.

  8. "I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place". – Winston Churchill
    All new is well forgotten old.:-)

  9. "They made you a potential H bomb…"

    Read the God Save the Queen Symphony Lyrics
    Song by Sex Pistols

    God save the queen
    The fascist regime
    They made you a moron
    A potential H bomb
    God save the queen
    She's not a human being
    and There's no future
    And England's dreaming
    Don't be told what you want
    Don't be told what you need
    There's no future
    No future
    No future for you
    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    We love our queen
    God saves
    God save the queen
    'Cause tourists are money
    And our figurehead
    Is not what she seems
    Oh God save history
    God save your mad parade
    Oh Lord God have mercy
    All crimes are paid
    Oh when there's no future
    How can there be sin
    We're the flowers
    In the dustbin
    We're the poison
    In your human machine
    We're the future
    Your future
    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    We love our queen
    God saves
    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    There's no future
    In England's dreaming God save the queen
    No future
    No future
    No future for you
    No future
    No future
    No future for me
    No future
    No future
    No future for you

    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: Glen Matlock / Johnny Rotten / Paul Thomas Cook / Stephen Philip Jones

    "No free people can be free without the will and energy of their own."
    President John F. Kennedy
    Delivered in person before a joint session of Congress
    May 25, 1961

    They are seeking to control and manage the energy of mankind under the guise of the green energy hydrogen revolution, which will not only include a hydrogen powered industry but also a hydrogen powered human-being phenotype of mankind.

    The graphene oxide in the vaccinations allows hydrogen energy to be stored in the body. "Hydrogen fuel cells", Google it.

    This has been a long winded conspiracy dating back to at-least the 1960's/1970's.

    The authority who is conducting this process is not a genuine authority.

    This process severely breaches natural law.

    The problem is, mankind does not have the intellect to comprehend the extent of the newly emerging quantum computing property that is driving the forced vaccination process.

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