Watch Trump Predicting This in 2020

Donald Trump gave a speech in 2020 where he precisely predicated this economic fact about the current situation in the united states and president Joe Biden. Dave Rubin analyzes the situation and looks at mainstream media reporting (specifically CNN) and how they deal with it.

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Check out the full video, licensed with permission:

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  1. He also predicted that the election that he actually won in 2016 would be rigged. And he also predicted that the election that he lost in 2020 would be rigged.
    Additionally, he predicted that the coronavirus would Go away like magic after few Days.
    His track record is really astonishing.

    Or are you just saying that because of his close ties to Putin he already knew about the invasion, and did nothing to stop it?

  2. We need to extricate our nation from relying on other countries for essential products, especially oil. Our society is built and maintained by the many products oil makes possible. It’s now a threat to National Security The United States of America is in imminent danger since our economy is overly reliant by foreign countrie is a huge industry that’s become “too big to fail.”

  3. nonono you see, all of this is because of Trump's policies.
    Cheap oil under Trump was a result of Obama's policies.
    The expensive oil under Biden is a result of Trump's policies.
    There's something like a 4 year delay between when a policy is implements and we finally see its effects.
    And 4 years from now, if Trump gets reelected we'll see him try to take credit for Biden's success.

    And if Biden gets reelected and the prices don't improve, then it's because Trump screwed it up more than we thought.
    It's basically a repeat of the Great Recession that George W Bush sabotaged the Obama administration with.

    But we know if Biden wasn't there, the gas prices would have been way worse.

  4. Trump constantly spouts anything extemporaneously. Some obvious stuff and some completely detached from truth. Cherry picking moments is a child’s game. Trump asserts anything that Trump feels will benefit him in the moment.
    Also, Presidents have LITTLE influence on fuel prices, especially in America.

  5. Glen Beck did a video on this very same thing today and he used the term "demand destruction". The powers that be are in the process of destroying our demand for fossil fuels, but what no one is considering is that the other 55% of every barrel of crude that's left over, after extracting the 20 gallons of automotive fuel that barrel produced, is used to make everything else we need. No one is coming up with ideas to fill those gaps.

  6. I realize that electricity can be generated via water etc, however it is still being generated with oil as well. At this time, hydroelectric generating plants can not keep up with the electric demands. What is going to happen when the demand doubles or triples? Maybe the rolling brown outs like in California? Bring back the Keystone Pipeline! Let those people get back to doing what they do best… provide oil and lower gas prices. Psaki is a moron representing a demented old man, being manipulated by a party that stands for the fall of America!

  7. Ev cars are bullshit. They 10 times more toxic and have a larger carbon footprint than a deleted diesel truck. Don't fall for the Green Deal its just to get Pelosi and others more wealthy and you in the poor house. Remember only 2% of cars on the road are EV and of those 2%, 20 % of those people return to gas cars.

  8. Electric cars are worse for the environment than diesel / gasoline cars – the battery disposal has not been planned / thought out properly. When the ole batteries start piling up they are very hard to recycle – go ahead and google it, you'll see.

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