WATCH: TYT SHOCKED That Crime Is Out Of Control In LA After 2 Years Of Calling To DEFUND POLICE.


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  1. The solutions to crime reform are quite simple, and some degrees can be a little more complex. It will take more government! Just the sleeze balls running it are not doing it right, as they do it on purpose. Both sides- GUILTY!

    The Republicans didn't do shit but keep the same laws going that are fundamentally unsuccessful in criminal reform. The Democrats in meantime slowly enabled criminal protections, and victim prosecution.


  2. Personally she has absolutely no right to be mad about any of this they have the maturity they perpetuated this they were shining Praises on the whole no cops thing this is the shit that happened in this is why they should not be allowed to have an opinion on the matter especially when they are 100% at fault

  3. My friends, I have bad news. LA county has spent more than half of the ARPA and CARES act money on police.That is the trend around the country. New York city spends 12 billion on the police dept. Couldn't believe this until I investigated it. This is part of the Great Reset. All of the politicians are traders to "We the people". Come on liberal hive mind dig deeper. Let's go Brandon🇺🇲

  4. I despise this toxic woman so much that if I saw her on the street she'd get knocked out one time, quickly. In this day and age I do not care if its a woman like her, she wants equality I'll show her equality, my hands come bisexual they hit both men and women.

  5. People on the right also people with common sense have been saying this since the riots in the summer of 2020.
    This is the lefts new tactics -they pay absolutely no attention to something they started until it starts getting close to election time and it starts hurting them in the polls. EXAMPLE –
    NO CASH BAIL IN NEW YORK CITY STARTED THE DAY AFTER THE RIOTS AND THE LOOTING STARTED LETTING THESE CRIMINALS RIGHT BACK OUT ON THE STREETS -now mayor Adams is talking poorly about BLM after the Democrats in that City backed everything they did for going on 2 years

  6. “Pretty terrible? “Your Lefty Cred”? Evidently this TYT has never had an illegal alien higher than a kite 
    on Crystal Meth go on a 3 home crime spree in your a normally safe ‘hood committing “Breaking & Entering”, Sexual Battery, Assault, and a very long list of other offenses. Fortunately I take my Home Security very, very, seriously and after the perp attempted to force open my front door (his last mistake of the night) I funneled him to local LE Units (damn near a full squad) by firing a well placed warning shot which induced him to surrender in a pool of his own urine & feces. The people of Los Angeles need to Recall George Gascon IMMEDIATELY if they want order restored in the City of Angels. In San Francisco Kate Steinle received no Justice for being murdered by a loser and repeat felon. Lawlessness and Anarchy have no place in a Civil Society. Way to go “Defund the Police” activists your one step closer to anarchy. I promise you Ms. Young Turk…your not going to like it!

  7. These are the same clowns who called those blm riots in 2020 “peaceful demonstrations” while the cities are burning down around them. They were pleased when the Hollywood elites and democrats would bail these folks out so they could continue their riot. I call that hypocrisy.

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