WATCH: Women DITCH The Democrat Party Like Never Before!! This Is HUGE!


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  1. Many Liberal women have historically been one topic voters…Roe VS. Wade or Gay Rights or others… Destroying women's sports with wokeism…or weaponizing the FBI on parents / moms that dont want their children brainwashed with CRT…has been a red pill for many…They have been forced to get off autopilot & increase their political-awareness to protect their kids…

  2. It does not matter these women helped destroy this country. Now there vote does not matter. What party is the 100,000 illegals coming over the border daily going to vote for? Oh yes Democrats. Now you know why they were let in.

  3. Yet again, another way to dumb down the children. Confuse them with gender. And after their 7 years old they have free reign to teach whatever they want? That’s STILL far too young.

  4. The democrats are going to have to do even more cheating in the election. That’s if joe allows an election during war time. I don’t think you will have an election this year

  5. What makes you think there is going to be a midterm election!!! If they loose their nwo!nails!! And also half of them will be investigated!! They will do anything to stay in power!! !!

  6. Think what you want, but we know who really won the election, do you really believe that it will not happen again? There is only one thing that is going to settle this problem, and it's the same solution that settled our problems with King George the 3rd, Hitler, Japan, the Spanish, and every other damn tyrant that has crossed our path and rubbed our hair the wrong way, it's the only thing they understand.

  7. I'm starting to think that we just split up the United States.
    Republicans on one side and Democrats on the other.
    Any moron who voted for Biden gets put with the Democrats regardless of how they currently feel.
    This way they can all live in their happy shi×hole that self destructs within a few years and the rest of is can get back to reality and an affordable life.

  8. We will see what happens. Enough people have to vote red so shenanigans would be obvious when comparing vote totals to voter rolls. Aside from that, it's just going to get even more insane.

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