Watch your step: Dan Andrews

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  1. Interesting how much detail dirty Dan can remember yet when it comes to the quarantine fiasco he can't remember shit, maybe if he was thrown down a hotel flight of stairs it would jog flogs memory

  2. As long as everyone knows, that these, foreign owned and operated criminal traitors, are ALL actors, acting. eg: Zelensky, Biden, Soetoro, Downer …etc.
    As long as everyone knows, that their vote is nothing but BS, all selected, not elected.
    As long as everyone knows, that none of this funny anymore and the only way to remove them is for The People, to literally, march in the MILIONs, and take back Parliament, which belongs to The People.

  3. 🥱😴💤💤💤💤💤💤 Congratulations D.D. your videos have just won a rave review in a Medical Journal as a great cure for insomnia 👉Nov26👷🤓✌️👉🍻👍👉🇦🇺💪🙋

  4. As someone else has said , it was the president of Carlton , Luke sayers , that beat the shit out of him & rightly so, as any good MAN & FATHER would, when someone messes with a young girl.
    I heard this story from 3 different sources , one of them from within the foxx family.

  5. I have literally on many occasions through my life have witnessed 5 year olds or younger fall down stairs like this and run off laughing after a few seconds of composing themselves once they get back up. Yet a full grown man of healthy age ends up broken and damaged!!! BS!!!!!!

  6. 'It was raining that day, but can't remember it raining at that time.
    I became airborne almost, and um err Horizontal with the step..'
    And gold old buggaluggs next to him caked in make up to stop the blushing.. DELIGHTFUL..

  7. Pity the d-g didn't go to the next realm, where they are waiting for him in Had-es. Lindsay F-x has every reason to assist him in that venture after what Dan did to Lindsay's family, (Grandchild) he stole more than their lollipops 🍭
    The sob should be in jail, and according to old world Biblical law, be stoned to death for his disgusting private crimes, which interestingly the cops have no interest in investigating.

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